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Indoor training facilities have increased in popularity in recent years due to the growth of high-intensity interval training, body-weight training, and functional fitness. Health clubs and training facilities now need to create aesthetically pleasing and functional workout spaces that can accommodate nontraditional workouts in order to keep up with customer demand and expectations. Many facilities are now calling upon Artificial Turf by Fenix to install artificial grass, an ideal flooring solution that offers high functionality with low maintenance and desirable aesthetic appeal.

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Artificial turf is designed to be durable and withstand all requirements put on it. No matter how many hours, days, or months of high foot traffic it receives, it resists wear and tear without any breaking, fading, or staining. High-quality turf such as the artificial grass products used by Fenix won’t develop tears, holes, or indentations from equipment such as sleds or dumbbells. It lasts better than rubber flooring or natural grass to give you the perfect indoor training solution.


Artificial grass products can be installed with an eco-friendly foam underlayer that is effective in reducing pressure on and minimizing shock to the joints. It also minimizes the impact of falls and helps reduce the risk of injuries. This feature can be utilized in children’s play areas and professional training centers alike for enhanced safety and wellbeing.


A burst of vibrant green adds an aesthetic appeal and energy to your fitness club that plain rubber flooring could never achieve. Its synthetic polyethylene material remains perfectly green and a consistent height all year long, so it always has a professional and clean appearance. There’s no need for constant cleaning and maintenance in order to keep your facility looking good.


Artificial grass is perfect for athletes training for indoor or outdoor sports of any kind. Synthetic turf is easier to run on than rubber or concrete flooring, it adds traction for stronger resistance performance, and it perfectly simulates the feeling of outdoor grass indoors. Whether you need space for plyometrics, weight training, cardio, drills, calisthenics, or free weights, artificial turf can accommodate it all.

Turf Installation for Sport Fields


Artificial grass is being utilized in CrossFit training facilities across the nation due to its professional appearance and resistance to wear and tear. CrossFit demands agility, flexibility, balance, and power, and artificial grass enhances this during workouts. Short and densely packed blades help to increase agility during training, offering more stability with less risk of slipping or tripping. Also, synthetic sports turf offers soft padding that absorbs shock and prevents wear on the joints. It helps resist wear and tear on the floor as heavy equipment is dropped and people run across it for hours each day.

Batting Cages

Utilizing artificial grass for batting cages allows you to easily maintain clean and evergreen batting cages while protecting the ground underneath. Our artificial grass provides padding and protection for both the underlying concrete as well as the athletes utilizing the area. In addition, it allows you to replicate the look and feel of real grass without any of the hassle associated with maintaining natural greenery. With Artificial Turf by Fenix’s synthetic turf, you can get major league quality without the major league cost.

Indoor Soccer

Transform your facility’s indoor soccer field with high-performing artificial grass. Our synthetic grass is engineered to be extremely durable and safer for athletes than natural grass with significantly less required maintenance. With turf’s synthetic polyethylene material, you can enjoy a clean, neatly trimmed field year-round with no need for mowing or weekly line re-painting. An antimicrobial infill will help keep the field sanitary and softer underfoot for players. If you want a durable, realistic turf product that’s easy to clean and safer for athletes, trust artificial turf.

Indoor Sports

From indoor baseball diamonds to athletic fields and conditioning gyms, indoor sports facilities of any kind can benefit from artificial grass. Our artificial turf can be utilized for any sport, with a protective foam underlayer that offers enhanced support and protection for athletes. Synthetic turf replicates the look and feel of real grass, making it perfect for practice, but it requires very little maintenance compared to the real thing. For the perfect indoor sports landscaping solution, turn to Artificial Turf by Fenix.

Benefits of Multi-Sports Turf


Artificial grass is easily customizable to your needs. Our products come in a variety of color tones, pile heights, face weights, yarn compositions, and backings; so you’re guaranteed to find an artificial turf product that suits your preferences. We can achieve the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality suitable for your fitness facility.

Easy to Maintain

Unlike wood floors, rubber floors, or real grass, there are minimal maintenance requirements for artificial grass. There’s no need to spend hours cleaning, scrubbing, watering, or otherwise maintaining the flooring surface. Rather, a quick rinse down and periodic brushing are all you need to extend your synthetic turf’s lifespan and keep your health club looking neat and tidy.


Artificial turf can be installed with antimicrobial infill which deters the spreading of germs and other harmful bacteria, a major concern for fitness facilities. All of our products are lead-free and non-toxic, so you can rest assured that your time on the turf will keep you as healthy as possible.

15-Year Warranty

All of our landscape products are backed by a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty, guaranteeing homeowners and businesses that their new synthetic turf will last for years to come. We only install the highest quality turf on the market, that is lead-free and non-toxic. We strive for our customer’s satisfaction and will help in any way we can; from our service professionals to our in-house installation team, we put our customers first.

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From start to finish, it was smooth sailing in every respect. I highly recommend Fenix, and in fact, have recommended them to a neighbor who is also very pleased with the project they did for her.

Michael K.
Sacramento, CA

Thank You, Team Fenix!

They are competitively priced and deliver a great product with excellent customer service.

Don F.
Elk Grove, CA

Installers were amazing!

It feels amazing to walk on, sit and lay on. Easy to clean and looks absolutely amazing…With the new turf the kids, dogs, visitors all go out to it to play or sit and relax.

Stacey B.
Roseville, CA

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