Artificial Turf Rental at an outdoor event

Artificial Turf vs Carpet Rental

Rental Flooring for Events:  Carpet versus Artificial Turf

Planning an event outdoors? Renting decorative ground cover is a great way to add a little something extra.  Not only does it make your event area look more ornate and complete, it’s also functional. During the dry summer and fall months, it keeps dirt and dust from sticking to furniture, clothing, and shoes. In the winter and spring, it is a great way to cover up muddy or wet areas and prevent water from ruining your good time. Also, an outdoor ground cover can help to improve traction and safety.

Traditionally, ground cover for events has consisted of a variety of outdoor decorative carpets/rugs or hard flooring tiles: However, artificial turf has recently emerged as a new and fantastic way to add color and function for outdoor flooring at your event.

There are many benefits to using artificial turf for your events. Compared to outdoor carpeting you will get more for your money with synthetic grass.


Artificial Turf

Outdoor Carpets / Rugs

Made from tough polyethylene fibers Uses nylon fibers
Drains easily Absorbs liquid
Non-absorbent Soils / Stains easily
Natural looking for outdoor events Can seem out of place outdoors
Affordable Can be expensive and impractical


Not only will turf look more natural in an outdoor setting and add color to your event, it is cleaner and could save you money by not losing your deposit.  Since turf is made from tough polyethylene fibers it is difficult to damage it.  It will not stain, and any spills will clean up or drain away easily.

There are many possibilities where turf can be a great addition:



Trade-Show Exhibits

Corporate Events


Retirement Parties

Holiday Events


Church Events

School Events

Tailgating Parties

Pet Events

There are many different turf options that offer realistic grass appearance as opposed to the short plastic ‘astroturf’ options that many rental facilities offer.  As an example, Artificial Turf by Fenix is pleased to offer 3 different, high-quality options for your Artificial Turf Rental needs:

Yosemite Light

1.5” Pile Height

45 ounces

Field Green / Lime Green

Recommended Use: Light to Moderate Traffic


Everglade Pro

1.75” Pile Height

75 ounces

Field Green / Olive Green

Recommended Use: Moderate to Heavy Traffic


Diamond Pro Fescue  The House Favorite!

1.875” Pile Height

80 ounces

Field Green / Olive Green

Recommended Use: Moderate to Heavy Traffic


Artificial Turf can be laid on nearly any surface whether it’s asphalt, concrete, tile, wood decking, dirt, or even weeds.

If you are looking for a natural looking flooring rental for your event consider artificial turf as an easy, affordable and aesthetically pleasing option.