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Read This Before Installing Pet Turf in Your Home

Installing synthetic turf is a cost-effective way to give your pets the private oasis they deserve. Pet turf offers the lush, life-like texture that dogs love and saves pet owners time and money on troublesome maintenance. It’s a win-win! As exciting as this is, don’t rush out and get the first pet-friendly turf you find! […]

What to Look For To Know if Your Artificial Turf is Built To Last

The benefits of artificial turf in Sacramento have made this landscaping alternative the go-to choice for homeowners looking to refresh their lawns. However, there are so many synthetic turf providers out there that it’s tricky to know if you’ve chosen the right one. There are a few key indicators that you can use to be […]

3 Ways Pet-Friendly Turf Protects Your Lawn From Damage

A dog’s paradise can be a pet owner’s nightmare. Excessive clean-up, unpleasant odors, and the frustration of patching up holes dug by your dog are just a few of the issues pet owners experience. These challenges make it difficult to maintain a pristine lawn.  Erase the hassle while enjoying a lush, evergreen lawn with artificial […]

Why Is Artificial Grass Perfect for Your Backyard Putting Green?

Backyard putting greens are a popular and unique landscaping choice for Sacramento homeowners. These customizable landscapes allow you, your family, and the whole neighborhood to come together for a relaxing game. When designing your ideal putting green, there are two major approaches: natural grass and artificial turf. Each has its benefits, but when compared, it’s […]

Golden Years, Green Turf: Why Artificial Grass is Perfect for Seniors

You may have retired from the workforce, but you haven’t retired from a fulfilling lifestyle. A luxurious home landscape is a great way to make the most of your golden years. However, maintaining these natural lawns can be costly and tiresome. Choosing artificial turf installation for your home reduces the work you’ll have to do […]

Navigating the World of Artificial Grass Putting Greens

Maintaining a natural grass putting green is costly, with daily maintenance needed to maintain its pristine condition. Enjoying a professional-quality putting green is more accessible than ever with synthetic turf installation. Choosing an artificial turf putting green gives you the quality without the cost.  Choosing the correct synthetic turf installers for your backyard putting course […]

How To Optimize Your Short Game With Artificial Grass Putting Greens

There’s no need to travel to the golf course to practice your short game anymore. Artificial putting greens bring country-club quality courses to your backyard. First, design the perfect synthetic grass course for your skill level, then have it installed by friendly professionals. Synthetic turf offers unique benefits to professionals and casual golfers alike. The […]

4 Reasons Artificial Grass Makes a Great Holiday Gift

The holiday season has arrived in the Sacramento Valley, meaning it’s time to find that perfect gift. Look no further than artificial turf installation for Sacramento homeowners, the definition of a gift that keeps on giving! Synthetic grass is more than a cost-effective landscaping option. It’s a fun landscaping alternative with something for everyone, whether […]

Here’s Why You Should Install Your Artificial Turf in the Fall

Synthetic turf is an obvious choice in the warmer months. Summertime activities and green lawns go hand in hand, but artificial grass has just as many benefits in the fall. The perks of artificial turf are best seen during the colder months, which typically damage natural grass. Your synthetic lawn will take the worst that […]

Is Artificial Grass a Wise Investment for Your Home?

When seeking ways to improve your home’s property value, look no further than your lawn. In comparison, synthetic turf may seem more expensive, but natural grass will cost you thousands over time; it deteriorates quicker, too. Artificial grass cost varies based on location, say between Sacramento and a less-populous city, but all can enjoy its […]