Product Spotlight: Diamond Pro

Having a commercial or residential artificial grass lawn in Sacramento is becoming increasingly popular due to its low-maintenance, never-fading greens and superior drainage for the rainy season. Here at Artificial Turf by Fenix, we have a wide variety of synthetic turf products that fit any need or style. Today, we’re highlighting Diamond Pro from TigerTurf.

The Diamond Pro line is composed of two products – Diamond Pro Fescue and Diamond Pro Spring. Diamond Pro Fescue features a dual coloring of field green and olive green tones with brown thatch, while the Diamond Pro Spring turf features field and lime green with brown thatch. The three colors together in each product give the synthetic lawn dimension, and a realistic look up close and from afar. Additionally, the 3D “W” grass blade fiber has multiple support points on it, allowing it to have greater durability and allow the synthetic grass to bounce back to its original shape quickly. At a pile height of approximately 1.875 inches and a face weight of about 75 ounces, Diamond Pro products are recommended for a moderate to heavy level of foot traffic.

Diamond Pro is also enhanced with TigerCool, which is engineered into the grass blades and helps reduce the synthetic turf temperatures by 15% and up to 10 degrees! So during the upcoming Sacramento summer heat, the artificial grass will still be comfortable to be on, even on the hottest of days! Synthetic turf is perfectly safe for all kids and pets to play on year-round no matter the weather condition.

This product is ideal for any installation because it’s a happy medium when it comes to the turf characteristics. It’s not too tall, not too short, and good for a moderate to heavy amount of foot traffic. The grass blades are triple reinforced into the backing, which is also perforated to drain at a rate of 30 inches of rain per hour per square yard–perfect for the Sacramento rainy season!

All of our artificial turf products are manufactured to look and feel just like real grass while being environmentally friendly. They are lead-free, non-toxic, and is UV stabilized to prevent fading. Our synthetic grass products are also heat- and frost-resistant and are not water-soluble. You’ll never have to worry about the tedious upkeep of a traditional lawn ever again.

Maintaining Diamond Pro turf is just like any other upkeep with other artificial grass products. Just rinse with a garden hose and groom as needed to reduce matting on the synthetic turf, and your lawn will look as good as new.  

Thinking about installing an artificial grass lawn for your Sacramento home or business? Diamond Pro is the product for you! Our team here at Artificial Turf by Fenix would love to help you achieve the synthetic turf lawn of your dreams. Just give us a call at (877) 673-8873 to get started on a free estimate!

Increasing Property Value with Artificial Grass

As a homeowner, upgrades, and renovations are a huge part of increasing the property value of your home. While you might immediately think of installing a pool or switching to hardwood floors, the exterior of your property is just as crucial to the overall assessment of your home’s value. Artificial grass is an investment, but ultimately it’s something that is going to provide unbeatable value as well as a fantastic return on your investment.

Improving the Curb Appeal of the Property
One of the many benefits an artificial grass lawn has over a natural lawn is aesthetics. Did you know that the curb appeal of a property influences 85% of potential buyers? No matter how much or how little rain, a turf lawn is going to look green and beautiful 365 days a year, eliminating any eyesores or landscaping burdens for the buyers. You never know, landscaping alone can be the tiebreaker aspect a buyer is looking for.

Synthetic Grass is a One Time Investment
Because the outdoor landscape is what a buyer sees first, it can be a dealbreaker. Just a beautiful landscape alone can add 12.7% to your home value, so it’s no joking matter. This investment brings a variety of benefits to the table including reduced maintenance costs, lower water bills, and eliminating the need for a lawnmower – all of which can be passed on to the next homeowner.

An Artificial Lawn is Low-Maintenance
When someone is looking to buy property, they don’t typically want a project home. It’s much more satisfying to move in and enjoy the home right away. Artificial grass removes the need to do any DIY landscaping. Get rid of mowing, trimming, watering, fertilizing, and reseeding. The green stays green, and there’s minimum maintenance required. It also helps to boost property value because it eliminates the cost of a landscaper — no more Saturday morning lawn mowers to wake you up. You can enjoy your synthetic turf lawn at the perfect height forever.

Synthetic Lawns are Environmentally Friendly
Even though Sacramento is not in a drought, it is always important to do our part to save water. When the summer hits, everything dries out, and it’s better to be prepared. You don’t have to let your lawn die to be a part of the change. Turf requires no sprinklers and no water.

On top of that, you also do your part to prevent toxic runoff water. With the use of fertilizers, water will drain off toxins into the waters we or our wildlife use. You’re going green while staying green.

Artificial Grass is Built to Last
While wear and tear on a natural lawn will show quickly, our synthetic grass products are built to withstand. Whether your kids play on it or your dog does laps, you’ll still be able to enjoy the beauty of a lush landscape. Our products are also weather resistant, so from the scorching Sacramento sun to the pouring rains, you can rest assured that your lawn will hold up for years to come.

Even if you don’t currently have plans to sell your home, it is always best to be looking towards the future. With upgrades, you can get your money’s worth when you do decide to sell. Artificial grass is an upgrade that homebuyers won’t be able to resist. Make the switch to increase your home value today and give us a call here at Artificial Turf by Fenix.

Why You Deserve a New Artificial Grass Lawn This Christmas

2018 has been quite the year, and since it’s the season for giving, there is no shame in giving a little something to yourself.  You deserve an extravagant gift that will last you for years to come. Here at Artificial Turf by Fenix, we have that perfect gift, an artificial grass lawn. Here’s why.


There is no denying how hard you’ve worked this year. Every day you come home from work, and you’re exhausted, but there’s still chores and tasks to do around the house. Getting an artificial turf lawn will help take some of those chores off your plate, so you can get the break you deserve. With an artificial grass lawn, you won’t ever have to worry about mowing, fertilizing, or watering it. You can come home to an entirely green and luscious synthetic lawn without having done any maintenance on it. No discolorations, no dead spots, no overgrown grass. Sounds dreamy, right?


You’ve just spent a lot of money on gifts for your parents, the in-laws, the kids, and even the pets. You may be thinking to yourself that a good New Year’s Resolution is to save money in the upcoming year. We here at Artificial Grass by Fenix believe that’s a good resolution, and have an idea to save you some money, artificial grass! Say goodbye to that hefty water bill from watering your lawn.


The holiday season also means rainy season here in Rocklin, California. You deserve a clean house unmarred by the mud and mess that rain brings, and artificial grass can help. Protect your carpet and the rest of your home by eliminating the dirt. With an artificial grass installation, the kids and pets can go outside to play with their new toys and return without being a muddy mess!


Christmas Eve and Christmas are your freebie-PTO’s. Do you want to spend the time doing yard work? Your time could be better spent with all your loved ones sipping hot chocolate by the fire and relaxing!

Believe us yet? Artificial Turf by Fenix is here to serve the residents of Rocklin and all of the Greater Sacramento Area, and install the best present of the season, an artificial lawn! Give us a call today to get started on your artificial grass installation at (877) 673-8873.

Product Spotlight: Everglade Pro

Here at Artificial Turf by Fenix, we offer some of the most durable and realistic synthetic grass products in the industry, all which are great for both indoor and outdoor use. One of our most popular products for residential installations, commercial installations, and event rentals is Everglade Pro!

Everglade Pro’s grass blades feature an omega fiber shape, allowing it to bounce back to its original height and shape quickly. Its durability makes it great for areas with moderate to heavy levels of traffic. This product has a pile height of 1.75 inches and features a dual coloring of field green and olive green.

Despite its strength and durability, Everglade Pro is soft to the touch and is guaranteed to be a safe and fun surface to play on for both kids and pets. Like all of our artificial grass products, it is non-toxic, lead-free, and UV inhibited to prevent fading.

Whether you’re looking for a permanent synthetic lawn or a temporary artificial turf rental, Everglade Pro is the perfect option! Artificial Turf by Fenix is based in Rocklin but is happily serving all of the Greater Sacramento Area. Give us a call today to get started on your artificial grass installation!

Synthetic Grass for Sports: Putting Greens and Bocce Ball

If you’re looking for a landscaping alternative that’s as fun and practical as it is green and luscious, consider installing a putting green course or a bocce ball court! Both are great additions to large backyards as well as small and awkwardly shaped areas. Practicing your putting or bocce skills have never been easier!

Putting Greens

Putting greens are completely customizable for any skill level in any sized yard and terrain. Here at Artificial Turf by Fenix, we offer a 100% American-made golf course tailored to your vision. Whether you are the next prodigy golfer to come from Sacramento, or merely looking for a family-fun activity, you can easily have your own personal putting green right in your backyard. All of our putting green installations include aluminum cups, customizable flags, and fringe to bring in cohesion and realism. The only thing missing are the golf balls and clubs!

Bocce Ball

You can play one of the world’s oldest sports right in your backyard. Ever since the days of Ancient Rome, people have loved playing the relaxing game of bocce ball with friends and family. Although bocce ball courts are typically made of sand or concrete, artificial turf is becoming the more favorable option because it offers a clean and leveled surface to play on. The low-maintenance court has a long-lasting underlayer made of concrete and also features a drainage system to prevent flooding during the Sacramento rainy season!

Artificial Turf by Fenix is proud to offer high quality putting green and bocce ball installations to the Greater Sacramento Area. We’re based in Rocklin, and can quickly get to any residential and commercial property from Sacramento to Auburn. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your installation today with a free quote by calling us at (877) 673-8873.

How Well Does Artificial Turf Drain?

When it comes to artificial turf installations in the greater Sacramento area, a concern many customers have is how well can synthetic grass drain? Will the typical Northern California rainy season cause flooding on the lawn? The answer is artificial turf drains very quickly, and it would take an abnormal amount of heavy rain for the lawn to flood.

The drainage rate of an artificial grass lawn is actually superior to that of a natural lawn. Natural grass tends to become muddy when wet, trapping water and making a huge mess. Synthetic turf, on the other hand, allows liquids to flow straight through the backing. The quick drainage allows the synthetic grass to be dry almost immediately while your natural lawn might stay damp and muddy for days!

The synthetic grass blades are attached to a backing perforated with holes. These holes are about a ½ centimeter in diameter and allows the lawn to drain at a rate of about 30 inches per hour per square yard! Additionally, the turf drainage system prevents spores and bacteria from building up within the artificial turf and allows for an easy cleanup.

With the approaching rainy season in Sacramento County, you can fight back against an overwatered and dead lawn with a synthetic grass lawn installation! Artificial Turf by Fenix proudly installs artificial grass and hardscapes in all cities across the county, including Rocklin, Fairfield, Lodi, Granite Bay, and Auburn. Give us a call today at (877) 673-8873 to get started on your quote!

Softscape vs. Hardscape for Your Yard

When it comes lawn alternatives, many homeowners think that they have to choose between softscape or hardscape for their yard. Each has their own benefits and sometimes it can be difficult to decide which is going to be more beneficial for your home.

What is the difference between hardscape and softscape?    

Hardscape can include pathways, pavers, patios, and fire pits which add visual interest and entertainment value to a yard. Many homeowners are installing larger hardscape areas that are designated for family gatherings and relaxing. However, when designing your own yard oasis, it’s important to realize that an overabundance of hardscape can dampen the relaxing atmosphere. 

This is where softscape comes into play. Many yards have plenty of grass and massive shrubs, and while everyone loves a relaxing green yard full of life, too much can make your yard feel out of control. Plus, a lot of work goes into mowing lawns, trimming plants, and weeding. To truly increase property value and bring that zen feeling to your yard, a combination of both hard and softscape are required.

Artificial turf is the perfect natural lawn alternative because it doesn’t compromise the luscious greenery or soft touch of real grass. For homes with children and pets, synthetic turf is the perfect area to hang out and play. Additionally, the benefits of synthetic grass include low maintenance, no water, and increased property value should you choose to resell.

Finding a company that is able to design and carries out a project that is well balanced and cohesive might seem overwhelming at first, but lucky for you, you’ve found Artificial Turf by Fenix.

At Artificial Turf by Fenix, we specialize in both landscape and hardscape installation for your convenience! By working with a company that specializes in both landscape and hardscape, you can get the best of both worlds to achieve the yard of your dreams. So give us a call today at (877) 673-8873 and let’s get you started with a free estimate.

Why Artificial Grass Is Perfect Year Round

Artificial grass is the number one landscape alternative that allows your property to be green, sustainable, and water conscious. No matter the weather or amount of foot traffic it handles, it is the only landscape alternative that stays exactly the same as when you first installed it and is guaranteed to last you for years to come. Don’t worry about synthetic grass being too good to be true–it’s perfect and it’ll stay perfect.

Synthetic grass is made up of non-toxic and lead free materials that are intricately engineered to be extremely durable in all types of weather conditions and daily usage. In rainy and snowy climates, our products at Artificial Turf by Fenix offer a drainage rate of about 30+ inches of rain per hour per square yard. Under normal circumstances, flooding over the turf will not be an issue and your installation will remain exactly as installed. In warmer and sunnier climates, we offer products that feature TigerCool, the latest technology that is guaranteed to have a much cooler temperature on the turf. The sun will never fade the color as our products are built to reflect UV rays.

Our turf products are designed to stand upright like real grass blades. Over time, the turf blades may flatten but it can be easily fixed by raking or brushing the grass to fluff them back to their upright positions. That’s a lot faster and easier than mowing the lawn! The luscious greenery will complement your home beautifully and be look more inviting to all your guests.

Here at Artificial Turf by Fenix, we offer a fast installation of high quality products for artificial turf, pet turf, putting greens, bocce ball, and more. All throughout the greater Sacramento Area, we provide seamless, full-service turf and landscape solutions: Estimates, Installations, and DIY options through our retail center. Give us a call today at (877) 673-8873 for a free estimate.

Artificial Turf Rental at an outdoor event

Artificial Turf vs Carpet Rental

Rental Flooring for Events:  Carpet versus Artificial Turf

Planning an event outdoors? Renting decorative ground cover is a great way to add a little something extra.  Not only does it make your event area look more ornate and complete, it’s also functional. During the dry summer and fall months, it keeps dirt and dust from sticking to furniture, clothing, and shoes. In the winter and spring, it is a great way to cover up muddy or wet areas and prevent water from ruining your good time. Also, an outdoor ground cover can help to improve traction and safety.

Traditionally, ground cover for events has consisted of a variety of outdoor decorative carpets/rugs or hard flooring tiles: However, artificial turf has recently emerged as a new and fantastic way to add color and function for outdoor flooring at your event.

There are many benefits to using artificial turf for your events. Compared to outdoor carpeting you will get more for your money with synthetic grass.


Artificial Turf

Outdoor Carpets / Rugs

Made from tough polyethylene fibers Uses nylon fibers
Drains easily Absorbs liquid
Non-absorbent Soils / Stains easily
Natural looking for outdoor events Can seem out of place outdoors
Affordable Can be expensive and impractical


Not only will turf look more natural in an outdoor setting and add color to your event, it is cleaner and could save you money by not losing your deposit.  Since turf is made from tough polyethylene fibers it is difficult to damage it.  It will not stain, and any spills will clean up or drain away easily.

There are many possibilities where turf can be a great addition:



Trade-Show Exhibits

Corporate Events


Retirement Parties

Holiday Events


Church Events

School Events

Tailgating Parties

Pet Events

There are many different turf options that offer realistic grass appearance as opposed to the short plastic ‘astroturf’ options that many rental facilities offer.  As an example, Artificial Turf by Fenix is pleased to offer 3 different, high-quality options for your Artificial Turf Rental needs:

Yosemite Light

1.5” Pile Height

45 ounces

Field Green / Lime Green

Recommended Use: Light to Moderate Traffic


Everglade Pro

1.75” Pile Height

75 ounces

Field Green / Olive Green

Recommended Use: Moderate to Heavy Traffic


Diamond Pro Fescue  The House Favorite!

1.875” Pile Height

80 ounces

Field Green / Olive Green

Recommended Use: Moderate to Heavy Traffic


Artificial Turf can be laid on nearly any surface whether it’s asphalt, concrete, tile, wood decking, dirt, or even weeds.

If you are looking for a natural looking flooring rental for your event consider artificial turf as an easy, affordable and aesthetically pleasing option.

Is Your Yard Winter Ready? Dog with Muddy Paws

Is Your Yard Winter Ready?

Is Your Yard Winter Ready?


Is your yard a swampy mess during the rainy winter months? Are you tired of spending those nice days cleaning up the mess from the last storm? It may be time to consider artificial turf for your yard. When it comes to the stormy winter months, the advantages of having an artificial lawn are priceless!


  • No mud and muck that can be tracked into the house. If you have kids or pets, you know it can be hard to keep your floors clean in the wet winter months. Artificial turf is the perfect solution! It offers a clean and enjoyable surface for your kids or pets to enjoy, even after a heavy rain. With an artificial turf lawn, you can say goodbye to muddy paws and shoes in your home.
  • Drains quickly so your yard won’t flood or be full of standing water. Our artificial turf has a drainage rate of 30 gallons of water per square yard per hour. Even in the heaviest rain, the water will drain away quickly and eliminate any issues with flooding in your yard. Our design team and installation crew will makes sure that your artificial lawn has the best possible drainage system to ensure that your yard stays free of flooding.
  • Dries fast so you can enjoy your yard, even after a heavy rain. Our turf is made from polyethylene fibers that do not absorb water. This means that when the rain stops you won’t have to wait long to enjoy your yard. Combine with the elimination of mud, this means you can enjoy your artificial turf year-round!
  • Solid sub-base eliminates issue with erosion. All of our projects start out with a solid sub-base made up of crushed rock that is compacted into place. This creates a strong underlayer for your artificial turf lawn and eliminates any possibility of erosion. Our installation process guarantees that once your artificial grass is in place, it will stay that way.
  • Easy to maintain, so you will have more time to enjoy the nice weather. With no need to mow, fertilize or weed you will spend less time maintaining your lawn. Artificial turf requires very little maintenance. You can quickly rid your artificial turf of debris by simply using a leaf blower to blow it away. What once could have been an all-day chore becomes a quick and easy one with artificial turf. This means, instead of spending your time working in your yard, you can spend time playing in it.


Get a jump-start on winter and enjoy a beautiful, mud-free yard!