Dog: Australian Shepherd Puppy laying on artificial pet turf surface.

Why Your Dog Already Loves Synthetic Grass

If you need an alternative to the patchy-brown and muddy lawn in your backyard, synthetic grass is the perfect, pet-safe greenery replacement. Installing an artificial lawn is ideal for preventing digging, muddy paws, lawn stains and discoloration, as well as making sure your pet is satisfied with the soft surface to play on.

Safe, Non-Toxic, and Durable

Our artificial turf products and infills are 100% non-toxic, making it perfectly safe for your pets and their roughest play time. You won’t need to worry about grass debris or mud because our synthetic grass is made to sustain and endure all of your pets’ activity.

Drainage and Easy Clean Up

Artificial grass makes it incredibly easy to clean off and pick up solid waste. Any residue can be rinsed off with the hose and will be as good as new! Liquid waste drains quickly with the draining system implemented with every synthetic grass product, especially pet turf.

Never Fading Greenery

For years to come, your artificial lawn installation will be the everlasting green you began with. You won’t have to worry about waste stains or discolorations. Without the patchy brown spots, your installation will look perfect year round regardless of how often your pet uses the yard!

There are many more benefits as to why synthetic grass is the perfect lawn-alternative and why it’s perfect for pets. Give us a call at (877) 673-8873 to find out more about our pet products and receive a free estimate!

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Synthetic Grass

If you’re considering installing synthetic grass for your home or business, congratulations! The luscious, realistic and durable features of artificial grass are stunning and will make your property look flawless. But, looks aren’t everything. Here are five more reasons why artificial grass is worth the investment.

Versatile and Environmentally Friendly

Artificial grass is versatile to fit any sort of purpose or need, whether that may be residential or commercial, landscape or putting greens, playground or pet turf. All products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, making it the perfect choice to install. Artificial grass is great for any location and is completely customizable to your installation.

Clean and Allergen-Free

Synthetic grass is a safe and hypoallergenic landscape alternative that will relieve allergy symptoms and eliminate mud and other contaminants, guaranteed. As opposed to concrete or natural grass, artificial grass has a drainage system, preventing puddles of water and mud from rain, pool water, or spillage.

Durable Everlasting Greenery

Synthetic grass comes in a large variety of sizes and color to fit all types of installations. With the occasional rinse and groom, the product you choose to install will always be the color and size that was originally installed. Like natural grass, turf fibers stand upright and will require a lot of activity to flatten the turf blades.

Low Maintenance and Money Saver

Installing an artificial lawn is an investment that will save you money in the long run. It requires no fertilizers, chemicals, or watering that sod would require to keep a healthy green. Depending on usage, turf may require rinsing with water or for pet turf, a spray of an organic, bio-degradable, and non-toxic freshener.

Increase Property Value

Whether your installation is commercial or residential, artificial grass will increase the curb appeal and the aesthetics of your lawn. The perfectly luscious and fluffy greenery in addition to the low-maintenance requirements make your property irresistible to potential buyers and tenants.

Whatever it is you’re looking for with an artificial turf installation, we can do it for you. Ready to make the best landscape installation decision of your life? Contact us for a free estimate and to get connected with our licensed experts.