How Thick Should Your Artificial Grass Be? Breaking Down Turf Thickness for Your Needs

The devil’s in the details, as they say. It’s true for artificial turf installation, too! Even a detail as small as synthetic grass thickness can alter your landscape experience. Fortunately, we have the knowledge you need to make the perfect choice for your property.

Whether you’re looking to lounge in the sun, host the neighborhood, or play with your dog, there is a synthetic grass product out there for you! So, which thickness is right for you? At Artificial Turf by Fenix, we offer a range of options and guidance to help you choose.

There are even variations within the same category. For example, while all residential turf serves the same purpose, different lawn areas are going to require a different thickness depending on how they will be used.

Read on to learn the different thickness options for synthetic grass and how to find the right balance for your landscape project.

Dog-Friendly Texture

Pets spend a lot of time in your backyard. They love to roll, romp, play, and sleep the day away beneath the sun. Comfort is essential for creating a pet-friendly landscape, so it makes sense that a thicker artificial grass lawn is the right choice. But there’s more to pet turf than thickness.

Since pets use the backyard for more than play, it’s important to create a versatile landscape that can meet their needs. Our pet turf products feature efficient drainage systems that eliminate pet messes, creating a clean environment for the whole family to enjoy.

Child-Safe Playground Turf

Comfort and aesthetics aren’t the only factors that thickness contributes to. It also dictates the degree of protection your family has while playing outside. Children are especially vulnerable to backyard injuries, as they run and jump about your evergreen oasis.

A thickness of 2.1-3.1” will protect from falls of up to five feet. However, a synthetic turf thickness of 3.3-3.4” is recommended for most residential and commercial playgrounds, which provide fall protection for up to seven feet.

Shock-absorbing playground turf provides additional protection during playtime. It isn’t just the thickness either, but improved traction that minimizes slip risks. Drainage systems and water-repellent artificial grass products prevent slippery puddles after rainfalls.

Thickness and Durability

Thickness is important, but durability is the foundation of lasting quality with synthetic grass. Residential and commercial turf is designed to meet the daily demands of your lifestyle, from foot traffic to extreme weather. This innovation gives artificial turf an edge over natural grass.

Robust backings, premium polyethylene, UV-resistant technology, and other innovations optimize synthetic grass products for heavy use. They prevent premature deterioration, saving you money and time on lawn care. Say goodbye to bald spots, burnt lawns, and mud puddles.

While thickness supports your lawn’s durability, it is only one factor. It’s essential to consider how the manufacturing process, technology, and synthetic grass installation reinforce your lawn. When choosing your artificial grass, take these factors into account.

Lawn Solutions from Artificial Turf by Fenix

At Artificial Turf by Fenix, we offer synthetic grass products with varied thicknesses, pile heights, and specialized functions. No matter the lawn size or aesthetic interests, we can craft serene and durable oases. Our dedicated experts will walk you through our synthetic turf and help you choose the best products for you.

We offer playground turf, artificial grass putting greens, pet turf, and hardscape paving services. Every synthetic turf installation is completed with the utmost care and craftsmanship standards, providing decades of landscape satisfaction.

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Quality Matters: Choosing the Right Turf for Your Backyard Putting Green

When it comes to artificial turf putting greens, rushing into a hasty decision can cost you more in the long run. Subpar synthetic grass is more likely to fade, fray, and deteriorate from regular use. However, if you invest in high-quality artificial grass, you’ll enjoy reliable quality for years!

The trick is knowing how to identify high-quality synthetic grass products. Artificial turf consists of several elements, from backing styles to base materials. Fortunately, a few key factors can simplify your decision. Quality in these areas is a reliable indicator of quality in others.

This article explores the four key factors to consider when deciding which synthetic turf to use for your backyard putting green.


Every successful landscape project begins with “Why?” 

Knowing the purpose of your backyard putting green will inform your choice of artificial grass products. Store-bought synthetic grass is fine as an ornamental dressing but lacks the durability for proper gameplay.

Even basic residential turf is specially designed to withstand heavy foot traffic. Putting green turf features robust backings that support putting greens against heavy use and weather. It is more reliable for long-term use than store-bought products, ensuring consistent gameplay.

Premium artificial grass products serve a wider range of purposes than store-bought, providing versatile landscaping options for your backyard putting green. Design a dynamic putting course that blends with your home’s aesthetic and your playing style.


Durability is essential to quality putting greens. Your course experiences constant action from children, neighbors, weather, and even playful pups. A subpar product will quickly deteriorate, requiring costly repairs to maintain its evergreen quality and smooth surface.

Premium synthetic turf features sturdy backings that provide a robust foundation. Residential turf fibers are woven into flexible polyethylene backings and are cut to offer smooth, consistent ball rolls. UV fade resistance preserves the elegant aesthetic that putting courses are known for.

When you invest in durable synthetic grass products, you reduce maintenance expenses. Spend less time working your lawn and more time mastering your short game!

Aesthetic Quality

Backyard putting greens are a fun way to boost the aesthetic quality of your property. High-quality artificial grass delivers a lavish, irresistible appearance with evergreen hues and comfortable textures. Unlike store-bought products, it won’t go flat or fade over time.

At Artificial Turf by Fenix, we offer superior residential turf manufactured with premium materials that look and feel as fresh as springtime grass. Save money while enjoying a country-club aesthetic that will have your neighbors wondering, “How did you do it?”

Aesthetically pleasing commercial turf is especially beneficial for business owners looking to charm new customers. A fresh, verdant storefront will attract customers with a clean and professional appearance. They can get in a few rounds while they wait to be served!


While the products you choose are important, an expert artificial turf installation is essential for lasting satisfaction. A landscape professional will ensure properly aligned seams, secured corners, and proper integration with your in-ground electrical systems.

A poorly completed installation not only impacts your playing comfort but also reduces the lifespan of your artificial grass putting green. If you want to get the most for your investment, trust expert synthetic grass installers with your lawn project.

Premium Artificial Turf for Home and Business Owners

Whether you want to create a playful home oasis or refresh a bland storefront, the dedicated professionals at Artificial Turf by Fenix can help. We’re passionate about sharing our landscaping expertise with our community, helping them realize their lifestyle goals.

Our synthetic grass services include residential turf, backyard putting greens, pet turf, and hardscape paving. We can offer insight and guidance on landscape design, helping you create a personal paradise. Our financing options make premium synthetic turf more accessible.

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Avoid These Common Mistakes When Installing Your Own Synthetic Turf Putting Green

Artificial grass putting greens are all the rage in modern landscaping design! These fun-filled additions incentivize kids to get away from their screens and provide a foundation for community bonding. Enjoy conversation and cool drinks around your pristine putting green.

While we recommend trusting an expert synthetic turf installer for your backyard putting green, many DIY homeowners have the skills to do it themselves. However, if you undertake this challenge, you’ll want to avoid a few critical mistakes.

Artificial turf installation can be simple, but a few errors—like misaligned seams or subpar synthetic turf—can impact the lifespan and experience of your putting green. Avoid these top mistakes to guarantee a country-club quality installation for your home course.

Rushing the Foundation

Quality starts from the ground up. A solid foundation is essential to ensuring reliable, accurate ball rolls during gameplay. Rushing this first step risks an uneven or weak base that can lead to your artificial turf putting green shifting over time.

Excavate your lawn to a depth of 3-4 inches, taking care to remove debris, such as weeds, that might create lumps in the foundation. Compact the topsoil with a plate compactor to create a sturdy base, then add and compact a layer of crushed stone.

Ensure each layer is as even as possible to prevent drainage issues or uneven surfaces that will impact gameplay. While compacting, ensure there are no weak or soft spots that might sink during use. A quality foundation equals long-term gameplay satisfaction!

Choosing Subpar Synthetic Turf

The artificial turf products you choose will significantly impact your backyard putting green. High-quality synthetic grass has sturdy but flexible fibers pre-cut to the perfect length to support your ball roll and provide the ideal amount of resistance.

If you choose subpar synthetic grass, you risk fading, matting, fraying, or inconsistent ball rolls that impair putting accuracy. Even worse, low-quality turf won’t survive intense weather or frequent use, making costly repairs or replacements necessary.

High-quality putting green turf is designed to support foot traffic without damage. Choose synthetic grass with a short pile height for maximum stability. At Artificial Turf by Fenix, we have additional features like UV resistance that preserve your lawn’s verdant hues.

Inefficient Drainage

Drainage may not seem like it makes a big difference, especially in hot climates like Sacramento. However, if your lawn can’t drain fluids efficiently, the next heavy rain will flood your yard, promoting mildew growth and attracting pests like mosquitos.

When creating your base, implement a slight slope, roughly one percent gradient. This promotes proper flow throughout your artificial grass lawn. Use a porous aggregate for your base to create a stable foundation without sacrificing drainage.

Efficient drainage keeps your backyard putting green clean, comfortable, and pristine regardless of weather conditions.

Seam Alignment and Edges

Improper seaming can cause a few issues with your artificial putting green. Visible seams create subtle speed bumps, impairing your ball roll and gameplay. Misaligned seams can create the opposite problem—small fissures or holes.

These flaws impair more than your short game. They can also reduce the lifespan of your artificial grass lawn and require costly repairs that are avoidable with proper installation.

Prevent these issues by carefully securing your artificial putting green. We recommend using 6-inch galvanized nails or turf staples every 3-4 inches along the seams. Ensure artificial turf products are pulled taut during this phase to prevent shifting.

Get Help from Pro Artificial Grass Installers

As much as we admire the DIY spirit, trying to install synthetic turf on your own is a common mistake that leads to subpar putting greens. Trusting a professional artificial turf installer guarantees the highest quality while saving you money.

We bring over 15 years of experience and the necessary tools to complete a flawless installation. We’ll measure and cut synthetic grass to perfectly fit your lawn size. We’ll create a sturdy foundation that ensures all piping, electrical, and drainage elements are protected.

Our dedicated professionals know synthetic grass so well that they can complete a picture-perfect job in half the time. We guarantee premium artificial turf products and a meticulous process, saving you time, money, and peace of mind.

Call Artificial Turf by Fenix today at 877-673-8873 or contact us online to create a PGA-quality putting green!

Busting Myths About Artificial Turf: Can Dogs Destroy Pet Turf by Digging?

The rumors are true! Artificial pet turf creates an easy-to-maintain landscape that pets and pet owners will love. Your dogs can roll for hours in life-like synthetic grass while you bask in the sunshine, confident that your artificial grass can withstand years of heavy use.

But can this synthetic paradise be marred by dig holes? Canines love to dig. This habit is the bane of many natural grass lawns, increasing maintenance needs for owners. The last thing you want is to spend money on artificial grass installation only to have your pup rip it up.

The short answer is no, not when correctly installed. At least, it will be extremely difficult for dogs to dig through resilient pet turf. This advantage comes down to one crucial detail about synthetic turf that differentiates it from natural grass.

Read on to learn why pet turf can withstand even the most enthusiastic diggers and how it can benefit your lawn and pet.

Durable Engineering

Pet turf products are engineered to match comfort with strength. Flexible turf fibers are carefully woven into robust backings, preventing dogs from tearing artificial grass blades from your lawn and creating bald patches.

Sturdy backings reinforce your artificial pet turf, preventing dogs from digging into it. It doesn’t take long for dogs to learn. After a few unsuccessful attempts, they’ll realize they can’t get under synthetic grass and will either move on or stop digging altogether.

Correct turf installation is crucial to long-term durability. At Artificial Turf by Fenix, our team ensures there are no loose corners that may tempt dogs into digging. Enhanced seam strength, robust backings, and quality synthetic grass installation keep your lawn pristine.

Better for Your Pets and Yard

Durability is only one of the many benefits of artificial grass. Create a lush home paradise using synthetic turf products manufactured with verdant hues, gentle textures, and a lavish, fully-grown appearance. Not only will you protect your curb appeal, but you’ll elevate it!

Additional pet turf benefits

  • Reduce pests and allergens
  • Efficient drainage promotes cleanliness
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Keep your lawn smelling fresh

While pet turf backings are durable enough to resist digging, they remain porous enough to drain fluids efficiently, eliminating pet messes and preventing a flooded lawn. Rinse synthetic grass occasionally to keep it looking fresh and clean!

When you install artificial turf, you save yourself time and money. By investing in synthetic grass, you can skip the maintenance hassle of mowing, watering, fertilizing, and chasing down weeds. You get twice the aesthetic value for less than half of the effort!

Other Questions: Is Pet Turf Safe?

Your lawn is important, but your pets are part of your family. It’s essential that they are safe and healthy while outside. Artificial pet turf offers superior protection from pests, allergens, scrapes, and other outdoor injuries.

At Artificial Turf by Fenix, we offer synthetic grass with a one-inch pile height that provides extra shock absorption during rambunctious playtimes. Unlike natural grass, which grows burnt and scratchy in hot weather, the flexible turf fibers remain gentle on paw pads.

Our pet turf products drain fluids at 400 gallons per minute per square yard. Less moisture means fewer pests in your lawn, such as mosquitos, fleas, and ticks. Protect your pups from harmful diseases and save yourself a trip to the vet.

The lack of fertilizer and lawn chemicals needed for synthetic grass prevents curious pups from encountering and ingesting these harmful substances. There’s no safer lawn for your dog than one made from artificial pet turf!

Find Quality Pet Turf at Artificial Turf by Fenix

When it comes to synthetic grass, there’s no better place than Artificial Turf by Fenix. Our licensed experts are passionate about creating pristine landscapes with high-quality synthetic grass. After 15 years, we’ve become the top choice for residents and business owners.

Our premium services include pet turf, residential turf, backyard putting greens, commercial turf, and so much more! We’ll install it all with meticulous care, guaranteeing a long-lasting oasis that provides safety and comfort for the whole family.

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Here’s How Artificial Turf Lets You Avoid Lawn Irrigation Systems

Many homeowners aspire to cultivate an evergreen oasis. Achieving this requires excessive watering, chemicals, and maintenance equipment, to say nothing of the time it demands. Often, homeowners opt to install an irrigation system to increase efficiency.

While an irrigation system can help, it doesn’t often work as well as you’d hope and has several drawbacks. Chief among them is increased water bills. These temperamental systems can also require extensive maintenance, adding to your landscape concerns.

Artificial turf installation is a cost-effective solution that provides a verdant landscape without irrigation systems. With synthetic grass products designed to last, you can achieve a dream lawn with fewer expenses, time, and hassle.

Improve Water Conservation

Irrigation systems are a nightmare for sustainability. These built-in sprinklers are usually set on a timer, which produces uneven water distribution. Sometimes, there is too much water, and other times, not enough. Irrigation systems can waste as much water as they use.

Not only does this cause homeowners to spend hundreds of dollars a month on lawn maintenance, but it also negatively impacts the environment. However, removing an irrigation system means you must water by hand—unless you choose artificial turf installation.

Residential turf boasts the verdant hues of a natural lawn without any watering required. Synthetic turf fibers are engineered with unique shapes, vivid hues, and a lush texture that mimics the look and feel of natural grass.

Eliminate costly irrigation systems by eliminating the need for daily watering. Choose eco-friendly synthetic turf to give your home the lush pop it deserves!

Adjust with the Seasons

The demands on your irrigation system change with the seasons. Your natural grass lawn will require significantly more water to stay fresh and evergreen during summer. However, winter months require less, and you’ll risk wasting water and money if you don’t adjust your system.

These adjustments include schedule changes, water volume alterations, and even the shutting off of your entire system. These adjustments risk damaging your system, leaving you with a dry lawn and costly repairs. Artificial grass lawns eliminate the need for these adjustments.

Synthetic grass features robust and permeable backings that adjust effortlessly with the seasons. As temperatures change, your artificial grass products will flex with the weather, preventing cracks and other damages.

Synthetic turf creates a season-friendly landscape that doesn’t require costly watering to keep it looking fresh and fully grown.

Low-Maintenance Benefits

So many factors impact the maintenance needs of natural grass lawns. Soil type, sun exposure, seasonal changes, and terrain layout all impact the maintenance practices you’ll need to retain a pristine lawn. It’s a lot to think about, to say nothing of the cost!

Artificial grass products don’t require water, sunlight, fertilizers, chemicals, or regular mowing and weeding. It looks lush and evergreen year-round, regardless of weather conditions. UV stabilization optimizes synthetic grass against sun exposure, preventing color fading.

This low-maintenance quality allows homeowners to install complex landscape options, like artificial putting greens and sports turf. Maintaining these landscape options would be too costly with natural grass. Save money while enjoying a dynamic backyard paradise!

Terrain Adaptability

No two terrains are the same. Irregularities in various landscapes may make irrigation systems impractical for many home and business owners. Sloped terrain and alterations due to soil erosion can negatively impact irrigation systems.

Residential turf is compatible with every terrain layout. Its versatility means it can be installed on uneven, sloped lawns and surfaces without traditional soil. Install synthetic grass on balconies, patios, and even apartments. With artificial grass, you have control!

When you choose synthetic grass installation for your home or business, there’s no need to limit your creativity. You’ll save money and time and open doors to landscape design that would remain closed to natural lawns that require complex irrigation systems.

Create a Sustainable Oasis with Artificial Turf Products

Leave the hassle of natural lawns and irrigation systems behind. Choose synthetic turf to save money, improve water conservation, and enjoy a lavish green space. Artificial Turf by Fenix has all the expertise you need to elevate your landscape experience!

We offer superior synthetic turf installations backed by American-made turf products and over 15 years of experience. But we offer more than artificial turf! Explore our hardscaping services to create a versatile backyard space ideal for community bonding.

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How To Make Your Artificial Grass Work for You: Creating a Multifunctional Turf Lawn

The joys of artificial turf installation are the near-limitless possibilities it presents. Whether you envision a serene oasis or a hub of community fun, synthetic grass can bring it to life. There’s no need to be stuck with a regular old lawn. Instead, create a dynamic paradise!

Synthetic grass products allow for unique landscape options that might otherwise be prohibitively expensive or too difficult to maintain. Not only will you enjoy elevated aesthetics and comfort, but you’ll spend less time and money on upkeep.

If you’re thinking of transforming your backyard, consider these exciting landscape possibilities that only synthetic grass can offer!

Create a Personal Dog Park

Save yourself the drive time and bring the dog park to your backyard. Artificial pet turf is an advanced landscape product that offers the life-like texture that dogs love, with a few extra tricks pet owners will appreciate.

Pet turf products are engineered to withstand the enthusiastic playtimes of your four-legged friends. No matter how hard they dig, they won’t be able to tear up your lawn. Say goodbye to cleaning up pothole after pothole.

Potty time is a source of smelly pain for homeowners, but artificial pet turf can help with this, too! Efficient drainage systems eliminate pet messes as they happen, fostering a cleaner (and better-smelling) home landscape. Antimicrobial infill adds extra bacteria protection.

Strategically install pet turf in key lawn areas to provide potty pads or lounge spaces for your pets or use it for your whole lawn. Synthetic grass installation offers precision landscaping unlike any other!

Design a Custom Putting Green

Redefine summer fun by adding an artificial putting green to your home. These dynamic additions are significantly cheaper and easier to maintain with synthetic grass. They provide consistent gameplay tailored to your skill level for the optimal experience.

At Artificial Turf by Fenix, we work one-on-one with homeowners to design the picture-perfect course. You can influence the layout, rough placement, hole positioning, and gradients, producing a superior degree of landscape customization.

Backyard putting greens benefit homeowners in many ways. They encourage kids to get outside, provide a light-hearted exercise option, and act as a focal point for community bonding. Invite some neighbors over for a few rounds and cool drinks!

Elevate Your Poolscape

Take your pool parties to the next level by installing synthetic grass around your pool. This alternative to traditional pool surfaces offers superior comfort and safety. It also adds a pop of natural style to your private lagoon.

Artificial turf reduces slip and fall risks by providing increased traction. Drainage systems prevent puddles from collecting after your 10/10 cannonballs, leading to a cleaner and safer landscape overall.

The excess moisture from pools can turn traditional lawns into muddy swamps infested with mosquitoes and other pests. Artificial turf lawns prevent muddy patches and discourage pests by quickly reducing any water that splashes out of the pool.

Install a Bocce Ball Court

If you haven’t heard of bocce ball, allow us to introduce this backyard sensation! Bocce ball is a cross between bowling, curling, and shuffleboard. It’s a casual game perfect for backyard barbeques or summer festivities with the family.

Artificial turf is ideal for bocce ball court construction as it produces the flat, sturdy surface needed to play the game. Traditional courts measure roughly 60’ by 12’ and can be installed in most home backyards. This addition adds fun and boosts property value all at once!

While this sport dates back thousands of years, it’s fast becoming the latest trend for backyard landscaping. “Roll” with the changes to transform your home into a haven for summer fun with bocce ball court installation.

Create Better Backyards with Synthetic Turf

Artificial grass installation allows home and business owners to elevate their properties while saving money. It’s the ultimate landscaping win-win! The best way to guarantee that these luxury additions are correctly installed is to trust a synthetic turf installer.

Artificial Turf by Fenix has over 15 years of experience turning regular lawns into personal oases. We use only premium synthetic grass products to ensure a lavish aesthetic and maximum durability. We offer residential turf, commercial turf, and hardscaping services.

Call us today at 877-673-8873 or contact us online for a free quote on our synthetic grass installation services!

New Pet in the Family? Here’s Why Pet-Friendly Turf Makes Sense for Your Home

Adopting a pet is a joyous experience. Your life is transformed with cuddles, playtime, and unconditional love. But as any pet owner knows, your life changes in other ways, too. Home maintenance becomes a whole new game with pets involved!

If you’re adding a furry friend to the family, consider pet turf. This popular landscape alternative offers the same aesthetic appeal as natural grass but with a twist. Specialized construction optimizes comfort, home maintenance, and pet safety.

Everything a pet owner needs to create the perfect home for their pet is achievable with artificial turf products. Read on to learn about the benefits of this miraculous landscape choice!

Pet turf is low-maintenance

Your cleaning duties increase when you bring home a new pet. You’ll have to potty train, pick up toys, wipe off muddy paws, and more. But when you install artificial pet turf, maintaining a clean lawn and home is easier than ever!

Natural grass needs daily watering, fertilizing, weeding, and more to maintain its pristine appearance, but residential turf doesn’t. It always has the perfect length and evergreen hues. The time you save on lawn maintenance can be spent training your new pet.

Pet-friendly turf features efficient drainage systems that eliminate pet messes at a rate of 400+ gallons per minute/per square yard. Use pet turf as a potty pad indoors or outdoors to simplify your cleaning routine and provide your pet with a comfortable place to do their business.

Prepare for your furry friend’s arrival by installing artificial grass in Sacramento. You’ll guarantee maximum cleanliness with minimum effort.

Maximum durability and longevity

Pets aren’t always cuddly and soft. Playtimes can be rough, vigorous exercises that rip up your lawn, leaving holes and patches. Synthetic turf is designed to withstand even the most enthusiastic playtimes without damage.

Artificial grass products are engineered with formidable backings that hold turf fibers in place. Pull-resistance fortifies your lawn against ripping and fraying during playtime. Weed barriers prevent digging as effectively as they do weed growth.

Artificial grass withstands fierce weather, too. Heat and frost resistance prevent early deterioration, while UV fade protection preserves your lawn’s evergreen allure during the height of summer.

Installing artificial pet turf will give your family a pristine home lasting hundreds of dog years!

Pet safety guaranteed

Pet owners care for their furry friend’s safety just like the rest of their family members. No environment is truly pet-friendly unless it is also pet-safe. This is another area where synthetic turf rivals traditional grass lawns.

Artificial turf products are non-toxic and lead-free, manufactured to the highest health and safety standards. Your pets can roll, romp, sniff and play in your new synthetic grass lawn without any risk of encountering toxins.

Since synthetic grass is low-maintenance, your lawn won’t need any of the harmful chemicals traditional grass requires to stay soft and luscious. This produces a lawn of unparalleled safety for you and your pets!

In the summer, natural grass can become burnt and patchy, hurting your pet’s sensitive paw pads. Pet-friendly turf always feels soft and gentle. It features a unique cushioned construction that protects your pet’s little paws during playtime.

Pet owners can rest easy knowing their furry friends are safe and sound when they install synthetic grass.

Install artificial pet turf with help from experts

Giving your pet the home they deserve is easier than ever with help from Artificial Turf by Fenix. Our friendly experts work one-on-one with homeowners to design and install synthetic pet turf that suits their needs.

Our services go beyond pet turf and include commercial turf, sports turf, backyard putting greens, and even full yard planting. Whatever your home needs, Artificial Turf by Fenix has the superior products and expert craftsmanship to bring it together.

Call us today at 877-673-8873 or contact us online for a free quote!

How to Stay Ready for Spring With Artificial Grass

It’s that time of year again. The cold winds are fading, and the flowers are blooming! Spring is here, so it’s time to refresh your landscape and restore it to its former glory. This is the perfect time to shake things up by installing artificial turf in Sacramento.

Synthetic turf is the perfect springtime addition to your home landscape. Its evergreen allure will elevate your outdoor relaxation, but that’s not all. Superior construction with advanced technology lowers maintenance and increases durability, simplifying your lifestyle.

The benefits of synthetic grass products are nearly endless. Read on to learn how installing artificial turf will transform your home this spring.

Prevent weed growth

Removing weeds and applying preventative measures is a time-consuming but essential part of lawn preparation. Otherwise, invasive and unsightly plants will choke out your beautiful flowers. Unfortunately, no matter how well you prepare, weeds habitually return.

Residential turf offers unparalleled weed prevention without the need for harmful chemicals. Equipped with dense weed barriers, synthetic grass stops weeds in their infancy. Installing artificial turf around your garden provides reliable and charming protection.

Minimize maintenance needs

You don’t want to spend hours laboring on your landscape when the sun is bright and the day is warm. However, natural grass requires constant mowing, fertilizing, daily watering, and more to maintain its pristine appearance.

Free your time and minimize expenses with premium residential turf that provides the same freshly-grown aesthetic without the hassle. Simply rinse your artificial grass lawn occasionally to ensure maximum cleanliness and aesthetic quality.

Create a durable landscape with synthetic grass engineered to withstand fierce weather and heavy foot traffic. Formidable backings optimized by pull-resistance support a fully-grown appearance. Your home will be ready for all the spring and summer barbeques!

Commercial turf helps local business owners decrease their overhead and widen their margins, all while enjoying a flourishing aesthetic!

Reduce allergens

Spring may bring flowers, but it also brings allergens. Seasonal allergies are a common issue that impairs your outdoor enjoyment. Children are especially susceptible to the irritations caused by pollen and other allergens.

Grass is the primary cause of allergies during spring and summer. Replace it with artificial grass products to remove the majority of allergens. Its unique construction prevents allergens from sticking around, while drainage grids simplify the removal of lingering pollen.

You can lounge for hours in your outdoor oasis without unwanted interruptions. Spend more time in the sun and less time hiding from allergens when you install artificial turf.

Improve lawn drainage

Preventing mud and rain puddles from clogging up your landscape will improve your lawn experience during spring and summer. While natural grass absorbs some rainwater, it is nothing compared to the drainage efficiency of synthetic turf.

Advanced drainage systems clear away rainwater and other liquids at an impressive rate of 400+ gallons per minute/per square yard. Say goodbye to muddy shoes and wet bottoms from natural grass landscapes that take hours to dry.

Specialized pet-friendly turf meets the needs of Sacramento pet owners. Drainage technology in pet turf products fosters a healthier environment and prevents unpleasant odors from interrupting your springtime activities.

Elevate with backyard putting greens

Artificial turf has more than practical benefits. Use synthetic turf products to create fun landscape additions for the whole family. Your home will become the focal point for community gatherings when you install a backyard putting green!

Artificial Turf by Fenix offers PGA-quality artificial turf putting green turf designed for reliable gameplay. Create the perfect putt-putt course with customizable rough, course layout, hole placement, and gradients. Artificial putting greens are great for improving hand-eye coordination and balance.

Give your family a fun springtime activity they can do together by installing a backyard putting green. You’ll make your home the envy of the neighborhood!

Find artificial grass from expert installers

Getting the most out of your landscape this spring and summer requires premium materials and installation expertise. For that, trust the friendly professionals at Artificial Turf by Fenix. We provide the Sacramento area with unrivaled synthetic grass installation.

Our services include residential turf, commercial turf, pet turf, and hardscape paving that creates a dynamic backyard oasis. We work one-on-one with homeowners to design and install their dream lawns, providing exceptional craftsmanship at every stage.

Call us today at 877-673-8873 or contact us online to refresh your home this spring!

Read This Before Installing Pet Turf in Your Home

Installing synthetic turf is a cost-effective way to give your pets the private oasis they deserve. Pet turf offers the lush, life-like texture that dogs love and saves pet owners time and money on troublesome maintenance. It’s a win-win!

As exciting as this is, don’t rush out and get the first pet-friendly turf you find! There are many providers and artificial grass installers out there. You want to choose the right one to guarantee long-lasting quality for your home and pets.

Drainage systems, installation, infill material, backing style, and other factors are essential when choosing synthetic grass products for your home. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a helpful guide with all the necessary info!

Read on for insights into pet turf and how to find the right artificial grass in Sacramento.

Importance of Pet-Friendly Turf

Pets have special needs. Pet turf is engineered to meet these needs with a slightly different design from traditional residential turf. Pet-friendly turf caters to the lifestyle of pets while making the lives of pet owners easier.

Pet-friendly turf is usually more robust, with pull resistance that keeps turf fibers in place no matter how rough playtime gets. Synthetic turf products feature durable backings that prevent pups from digging into your soil and making a mess.

Comfort is key with pets, which is why pet turf features a gentle texture that is soft on paw pads. Advanced backings improve ventilation in the summer, cooling your landscape. Your dogs won’t be able to tell the difference!

Artificial Turf by Fenix has premium synthetic turf engineered to meet the needs of you and your furry friend with minimal maintenance.

Combatting Pet Odors

Pet owners understand that with cute pets come smelly responsibilities. Fortunately, pet turf is engineered to help Sacramento homeowners keep their landscapes clean and pristine.

Advanced drainage systems quickly eliminate pet messes, preventing odors and minimizing the necessary clean-up. Simply rinse your synthetic grass lawn a few times a month, and presto – your landscape will look as fresh as the day it was installed!

Our premium pet turf drains at 400+ gallons per minute/per square yard, ensuring maximum cleanliness for your Sacramento home. Drainage also prevents mud puddles. Say goodbye to troublesome muddy paw prints on your floors!

Reliable Synthetic Grass Installation

Correct artificial grass installation is vital to get the most out of your new synthetic turf. If you don’t get this step right, you risk premature deterioration, troublesome dips and folds, and the risk of your dog digging under a loose corner.

The dedicated professionals at Artificial Turf by Fenix have over 15 years of experience transforming Sacramento homes into private dog parks. We oversee the process, from creating a smooth foundation to securing the last stake.

Artificial turf installation provides a seamless integration with your home and natural landscape. Unique accessories can be included, like weed barriers, which further guard against dig-happy dogs and protect your garden from unwanted invaders.

Save yourself the hassle and let our team of passionate landscape professionals install pet turf for your Sacramento home. You won’t have to worry about major repairs for over a decade when done right!

The Impact of Infill Material

Another essential reason to trust synthetic turf installers is the inclusion of infill. Professional landscapers know the importance of infill to create a clean and comfortable environment for the whole family—including furry friends.

Infill keeps turf fibers upright and increases the density of residential turf. This creates the lush, freshly-grown appearance that Sacramento homeowners love. Artificial grass installers know the right amount to include and can recommend the best infill options.

Antimicrobial infill is especially beneficial to pet owners. It tackles any lingering bacteria following pet messes, fostering the healthiest environment possible.

Artificial Turf by Fenix can install pet turf with high-quality antimicrobial infill to give your lawn the support it needs to shine for years!

Premium Pet Turf for Sacramento Homeowners

The simplest way to guarantee that you get the right synthetic turf for your pet is to choose Artificial Turf by Fenix for all your synthetic turf needs. We have more than 15 years of experience with synthetic grass installation in Sacramento, offering unparalleled quality at affordable prices.

We provide only top-of-the-line pet turf, designed to withstand years of playful pups and hot summers. Our landscaping services include commercial turf, backyard putting greens, and luxury hardscaping features.

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What to Look For To Know if Your Artificial Turf is Built To Last

The benefits of artificial turf in Sacramento have made this landscaping alternative the go-to choice for homeowners looking to refresh their lawns. However, there are so many synthetic turf providers out there that it’s tricky to know if you’ve chosen the right one.

There are a few key indicators that you can use to be sure that your synthetic grass landscape will stand the test of time. This is important because artificial grass installation can be costly upfront, but you can save thousands on monthly maintenance costs over time.

Read our guide to the top 5 signs of long-lasting synthetic turf products. If you get these right, you can be confident that your home oasis will look freshly grown for decades!

Where is Your Artificial Grass Manufactured?

Your synthetic turf’s country of origin largely dictates the quality of your artificial grass in terms of daily use and resilience over time. This is because different countries have different manufacturing standards.

American-made artificial turf is engineered to some of the world’s world’s highest safety and quality standards. It is rigorously tested, non-toxic and lead-free. While imported turf is often cheaper, it’s more expensive in the long run due to manufacturing defects.

Artificial turf by Fenix provides high-quality, American-made turf to Sacramento homeowners. We source only premium artificial turf products, guaranteeing long-term satisfaction and, above all, a healthy environment.

Is Your Synthetic Grass UV-Protected?

A significant appeal of artificial grass is that it doesn’t fade, wither, or turn yellow like natural grass lawns. Synthetic turf in Sacramento withstands the fierce summer heat while maintaining its lush, verdant aesthetic.

However, the verdant hues of residential turf can fade over time due to sun exposure if they aren’t properly designed. High-quality synthetic turf products feature special, non-toxic UV protection that prevents premature deterioration.

Artificial Turf by Fenix has UV-protected turf products that bring the vibrant green hues of paradise to your home. As an added benefit, UV protection helps combat overheating, creating a more comfortable landscape for the whole family.

Importance of Quality Turf Backings

Backings determine the strength and resilience of your artificial grass landscape. They hold the individual turf fibers together and provide pull resistance against foot traffic and playful pets. They also offer much-needed drainage for pet messes and rainwater.

Synthetic grass backings are a vital part of pet turf. Eliminating pet messes and preventing water build-up keeps your artificial grass landscape pristine and odor-free.

Cheap turf products feature sub-par backings that allow puddles to accumulate, decreasing your artificial turf’s lifespan while encouraging pests like mosquitos to accumulate. Like great architecture, the backing is the foundation of your artificial turf landscape.

Artificial Turf by Fenix is proud to provide synthetic grass products with increased seam strength and advanced drainage technology. Your lawn will be clean and pristine for years.

Can Artificial Grass Adapt to Temperature Changes?

While Sacramento may not have the most extreme weather, ensuring that your synthetic turf can adapt to temperature changes is essential. Shifts from hot to cold, even minor ones, can damage sub-par synthetic turf products over time.

Our artificial grass products boast heat and frost-resistant technology. Whichever way the weather goes, your landscape will be free to adapt with no risk of damage. Be prepared for anything by trusting the experts at Artificial Turf by Fenix.

Quality Synthetic Turf Installation Matters

You can choose the highest-quality artificial grass on the market, but you need quality installation to avoid premature damage and repair costs. This is why trusting the right artificial turf installers is vital to securing a long-lasting home paradise.

Expert synthetic grass installers ensure an even foundation, properly aligned seams, and secure hold with the earth. Careful installation prevents water from getting under artificial turf and deteriorating your lawn. It also prevents dips or loose corners from creating fall risks.

The licensed experts at Artificial Turf by Fenix have over 15 years of experience transforming the lawns of Sacramento homeowners. Our services include residential turf, backyard turf putting greens, commercial turf, and even luxury hardscaping features.

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