4 Tips for Maintenance and Care for Your Synthetic Turf

One of the primary reasons that hundreds of Sacramento homeowners are switching to artificial grass is because of its convenient, low-maintenance nature. Natural grass requires watering, mowing, edging, fertilizing, resodding, and more in order to maintain a healthy appearance. However, the care needed for artificial grass is extremely minimal in comparison. It maintains its evergreen appearance for years with no maintenance, but like all home investments, it does require occasional care to remain in pristine condition for its full lifespan. Here are five simple tips for maintaining your synthetic turf so you can enjoy it for decades to come.

#1. Clear Debris Whenever You Can

The easiest way you can maintain your artificial grass is by using your hands or a leaf blower to clear large pieces of debris from your lawn. Larger items such as leaves or branches can be left strewn throughout your yard, especially if you have a lot of surrounding plant life, and these items could become matted into your artificial grass if left there over time. Removing debris from your turf will help your yard maintain a clean and well-groomed appearance while helping the blades remain fluffed and upright so you can minimize the amount of maintenance you’ll have to perform over time.

#2. Hose Down Your Synthetic Turf Weekly

One of the biggest appeals of artificial grass is that it doesn’t need to be constantly watered to stay green, unlike natural grass. By switching to artificial grass, you save thousands of gallons of water each year. However, it is still recommended that you quickly hose down your synthetic turf once a week or so to clear away any dust and debris. If you experience regular periods of rainfall during the colder months, this is sufficient as an effective turf cleaner and no hosing down is necessary. However, during the dry summer months, quickly rinsing down your synthetic turf once a week will keep your lawn clean and clear of contaminants. 

#3. Cross Brush Your Artificial Grass Monthly

If your artificial grass receives a substantial amount of foot traffic, it may become matted in some areas and require occasional brushing. How frequently or easily it becomes matted is largely dependant on the durability and pile height of the artificial grass product you chose. However, a general rule of thumb is that your synthetic turf should be brushed about once a month. Brushing your lawn in the opposite direction of the fibers, also known as cross brushing, will help fluff up the grass fibers and maintain the upright position of each blade. Cross brushing your lawn will extend your lawn’s lifespan and keep it looking lush year-round.

#4. Spot Clean Your Grass When Needed

The best way to preserve your synthetic turf and avoid staining is to spot clean your artificial turf as spills occur. In case of an accident, clean the area as quickly as you can to prevent stains or other damage. Blot any liquids and scoop up any solids before rinsing the affected area. Gently rinse it with a mixture of water and household detergent or, for more stubborn stains, a combination of water and 3% ammonia solution. After cleaning, rinse it thoroughly with clean, cold water. By diligently spot cleaning your artificial grass as damage occurs, you can avoid stains and keep your lawn beautiful for its full lifespan. 

If you’ve recently installed artificial grass in your Sacramento home, or if you’re considering switching to synthetic turf, it’s essential to know the care and maintenance involved in protecting your investment and extending its life. For more information about available artificial grass products, installation methods, and turf maintenance, call Artificial Turf by Fenix at (877) 673-8873. We’d be happy to provide you with a free quote on your next project.

Benefits of Artificial Grass in the Summer Months

Many homeowners dread lawn maintenance in summer due to the difficulty and costs associated with keeping your lawn green through the hot weather. That’s why an increasing number of Sacramento homeowners are making the switch to synthetic grass as summer approaches. Artificial grass has numerous benefits during the summer months, including saving time, money, and water while keeping you cool.

Water Conservation

In an attempt to beat the heat, many households increase their water use during the summer. The average family uses over 300 gallons of water per day during the year, but during summer this can go up to almost 1,000 gallons each day, primarily due to an increase in outdoor water use. However, with artificial grass, your water usage will be reduced by an average of 33 percent, conserving hundreds of gallons of water every single day. By investing in synthetic grass for your lawn, you can protect the planet while significantly reducing your water bill and time spent watering or maintaining a costly irrigation system.

More Time for Fun

When the summer sun is out, the last thing you want to do is be outside mowing or watering your lawn. Wouldn’t you rather have that time to go on adventures and spend with your family? With artificial turf’s low maintenance requirements, mowing, edging, and fertilizing are chores of the past. Instead of wasting time and money on lawn maintenance, spend all of your free time enjoying your backyard with loved ones. Artificial grass is also an excellent landscaping solution for installing fun features like putting greens, playgrounds, pool decks, sports fields, and more. Get the most out of this summer by installing synthetic turf in your yard and maximize the amount of time you spend having carefree fun.

TigerCool Temperature Control

It’s not just pavement that can burn you during the extreme heat of summer. Grass, and even poorly made early generation artificial turf can reach temperatures that are unsafe for your family. Several of our bestselling products feature TigerCool temperature control technology, which keeps your lawn up to 15 percent cooler than other synthetic turf options. Heat-reflective color pigments and UV inhibitors reflect light instead of absorbing it, which reduces heat buildup and significantly reduces the temperature of your artificial grass. Keep your lawn cool and safe for your family’s summer fun with TigerTurf TigerCool products installed by Artificial Turf by Fenix.

If you want a beautiful and convenient landscaping alternative for your Sacramento home this summer, speak to one of our expert installers about artificial grass solutions for your home. We offer a variety of market-leading products and installation services that can transform your backyard into a summer paradise. If you have any questions or would like more information, give us a call at (877) 673-8873. We’ll be happy to assist you and provide a free estimate for your project.