Ways to Create a Dog Run with Artificial Turf

When pet dogs are in a playful mood, natural grass lawns can get a bit messy and require extensive maintenance. With artificial turf, dogs can have just as much fun if not more with significantly less mess to take care of. Best of all, with artificial turf, you can alter and shape it into the ultimate playful environment for your dog. Here are different dog run ideas that you can implement with artificial turf.

Stimulate their Minds

An easy way to stimulate your dog’s mind would be to create an area somewhere within your artificial turf space and place interactive dog toys within it. They’ll have a fun time playing with their toys and keeping their mind active all day. Another way to challenge your dog would be to create an obstacle course where they can solve different puzzles and put their mind to work. 

Simple, but Fun

Those who have small yards or live in an apartment with minimal outside space can still use artificial turf to give their dogs an area to play in. Homeowners with smaller yards should designate an area where synthetic grass can be installed and this artificial turf area can be where your dog has their playtime. Meanwhile, those living in apartments can do something similar on their balcony. Place some kind of barrier or fencing around a nice area for your dog and implement artificial turf installation at that location.

A Complete Sensory Experience

Give your dog a complete sensory experience that incorporates sight, hearing, smelling, and touching altogether. You can accomplish this by adding different decorations and ornaments that can also serve to liven up your artificial turf. From pleasant-smelling flowers to smooth rocks and loud wind chimes, there are numerous options that you can choose for your synthetic turf and yard. Having such an environment and experience will help calm your dog and reduce their anxiety. 

Create a fun and safe environment for your dog to play in by installing artificial turf. Our expert team at Artificial Turf by Fenix can help you get it done because we have both the expertise and vision to help with pet-friendly artificial turf installation. Our professional synthetic turf installers use only world-class artificial grass products that are the best on the market for every one of the services we provide. For more information, check out our services here or give us a call today at (877) 673-8873 to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members.

Debunking 3 Common Myths About Growing Trees Around Artificial Turf

If you’re a person who loves the look of both trees and artificial turf but is reluctant to incorporate them together because they are incompatible, you’ve likely been exposed to some untrue claims about them. Here are three common myths about growing trees around artificial turf.

Bulging Tree Roots will Ruin your Artificial Turf

While this myth is not completely rooted in fiction because tree types like conifers have roots that push up on the soil over a period of time, property owners do not need to worry too much about this sort of issue. You can grow large trees around your artificial turf and you don’t have to be concerned about any damage or intrusion occurring. Tree roots typically grow downward and spread out in the ground. While some types of trees like conifers will cause trouble to your artificial turf, most will not. 

Cleaning Up Debris from Artificial Turf is Onerous

It’s stated that tasks like raking leaves on artificial turf are not possible or too difficult. This is simply not true. Air blowers, various types of rakes, or power brooms are all the tools that can be used on artificial turf landscape. Maintaining and cleaning synthetic grass is in fact much easier and less time-consuming than doing so with natural grass lawns. 

Synthetic Grass Chokes Out Trees

The myth is that synthetic grass will prevent your trees from receiving the moisture that they require. Although high-quality synthetic grass, such as those provided by Artificial Turf by Fenix, has efficient drainage systems that allow for water to pass through easily, the soil underneath the synthetic turf and your tree’s roots will still receive the moisture that it needs. 

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