5 Factors That Can Damage Your Artificial Turf Lawn

An artificial grass lawn is a remarkable surface that will benefit your home in several different ways. From stunning aesthetics to reduced costs on maintenance, a synthetic turf lawn is one of the best investments that you can make for your property. However, it still isn’t impervious to damage and wear and tear. If you own or are planning to own a synthetic grass lawn, here are five factors that can cause damage to it.

Excessive Weight

Excessive weight can damage the integrity and structure of your artificial turf lawn. This can cause myriad  issues and jeopardize the functionality and health of your lawn. It should be noted that your synthetic grass won’t be damaged simply through light foot traffic or moderate use. What will damage your turf is the excessive weight of a parked vehicle on top of it. This, along with anything too heavy for your turf, will cause harm to it and drastically shorten its lifespan. 

Adhesive Substances

Mistakenly dropping any adhesive substances onto your turf can cause damage to it. Substances like chewing gum can stick to the blades of your synthetic grass and negatively affect their performance. If the adhesive is not removed in time, you may be forced to cut the blades, which would make your surface uneven. An uneven surface not only makes for an unpleasant aesthetic, but it will also be less effective. 

Oils & Grease

Be careful not to spill any oils onto your artificial turf lawn. Whether it’s motor oil, grease, cooking oil, or suntan oil, your turf can be damaged when exposed to these spilled liquids. This damage occurs because oil can break down the plastics that are in your turf. If you happen to spill either oil or grease onto your synthetic grass lawn, be sure to clean it immediately. They can be tough to wipe off if left unaddressed after a spill. 

Sharp-Edged Furniture & Accessories 

While artificial turf is a resilient surface that can endure a good deal of weight and use, it is still susceptible to damage by things like furniture and accessories with high-pressure sharp edges. If you’re an artificial grass owner who places furniture on top of your surface, you need to ensure that the feet of your accessories aren’t sharp, otherwise, the blades of your turf can be compromised. Instead, you’ll need furniture with flat legs or feet that can rest on top of a turf surface without causing any harm.

Reflected Sunlight

Although it may sound strange, reflected sunlight is a larger threat to the health of your turf lawn than direct light. Your synthetic grass lawn can still thrive for many years even in a warmer weather climate with lots of direct sunlight. This isn’t the case when your turf is exposed to a large amount of reflected sunlight. This is because of the increased UV exposure that comes from the reflected light. It will damage your turf and dramatically reduce its lifespan. 

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How Long Will Your Artificial Turf Last?

Artificial turf makes for an incredible addition to any residential and commercial property. It perfectly replicates the green and lush look of natural grass and enhances the aesthetic of a property, while still saving costs on maintenance. As good as it is, an artificial turf surface won’t last forever. When this happens, exactly, depends on a variety of elements. If you’re a homeowner with a synthetic grass lawn and are curious about its lifespan, here are some factors to keep in mind to give you an idea of how long your artificial turf should last. 

Quality of Material

The quality of the materials used for your artificial grass plays a large role in determining how long it lasts. The better and more reliable your materials are, the longer the lifespan your turf is likely to have. If your turf comes from Artificial Turf by Fenix, you can be confident in its craftsmanship. At Artificial Turf by Fenix, our synthetic grass products consist only of the highest quality materials available. Our artificial turf is built to last and owners can look forward to using it for years ahead.

Quality of Installation 

While what makes up your artificial turf is important, what is just as crucial to ensuring a long lifespan for your turf is the quality of its installation. An improper and inefficient installation will drastically shorten how long your synthetic grass can effectively operate. This makes your turf more susceptible to damage and long-term wear and tear that jeopardizes the health of your surface. Meanwhile, a well-executed installation will help preserve the integrity and health of your turf, allowing it to thrive for a much longer period. 


Artificial grass is a low-maintenance surface, but that doesn’t mean that you can ignore it. Synthetic grass still needs periodic maintenance to continue looking as good as it can lookand functioning at the high level that it is capable of. Whether it is occasionally rinsing your turf with water or cleaning any debris that has fallen on it, you’ll need to do the necessary maintenance work to ensure the long-term health of your synthetic grass. If you don’t, issues can form with your artificial turf that can negatively impact its lifespan. 

Amount of Use

If you plan on your artificial turf experiencing heavy use and foot traffic, you’ll need a high-quality surface that can withstand it all and still function as it should. An artificial turf surface with lesser quality that is put through extensive use will break down at a much quicker rate than one that is dependable and has been built using the best materials. By investing in an excellent and durable synthetic grass option, you won’t have to worry about the amount of use you put it through. 

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