3 Reasons Installing Synthetic Grass for Your Pool is a No-Brainer

Synthetic grass installation is the ideal solution if you’re a swimming pool owner looking for a cost-effective, simple way to enhance your pool experience. Artificial grass can be used as landscaping for a pool deck to stunning effect, helping maximize the enjoyment you get out of your swimming pool through its many visual and functional benefits. Your pool area will never look or perform better than with artificial grass. 

Synthetic Grass isn’t Slippery

Pool areas tend to get wet due to the splashing water from your swimming pool. If your pool deck is made of a surface like natural grass with poor drainage, it can become slippery and threaten the safety of all those using your swimming pool.

An artificial grass pool deck eliminates this concern and reduces the likelihood of a slip, thanks to its efficient drainage, preventing any stagnant water buildup. Your synthetic grass will stay dry no matter how much water gets on it, ensuring that you and your loved ones are safe around your pool.  

Artificial Grass is Low-Maintenance

Swimming pool owners ideally want a deck surface that allows them to spend more time enjoying their pool rather than taking care of it. While surfaces like natural grass and paving cannot provide this due to the extensive maintenance they demand, synthetic grass is the perfect landscape choice for a pool area as it doesn’t require much time or commitment to look after. 

An artificial grass pool deck won’t involve time-consuming maintenance activities like regular watering, mowing and trimming that you’ll find with natural grass or the comprehensive stain removal frequently needed with a paving surface. Instead, you can place your valuable time and attention toward maximizing your pool experience. 

Artificial Grass is Cost-Effective

Out of all the available surfacing options for swimming pools, synthetic grass is one of the most cost-effective. Unlike more expensive surfacing like paving, artificial grass won’t cost pool owners a fortune and is much easier and quicker to install. A skilled installation team can install your synthetic turf pool deck in little to no time. 

After installation, swimming pool owners will continue to reap the financial benefits of artificial grass. As synthetic turf is low-maintenance and hygienic, pool owners don’t have to use too many resources to preserve its appearance and performance. This dramatically reduces pool area maintenance costs and allows swimming pool owners to spend elsewhere on upgrades and new features. 

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3 Ways Your Newly-Built Home Will Benefit from Artificial Grass

Owning a newly-built home can be exciting due to the flexibility you’re given to shape its aesthetic. However, with this flexibility comes numerous design decisions you’ll have to make to achieve your desired look. One of the most meaningful choices you’ll have as part of this process involves your outdoor space and the type of surface you want for your lawn. 

Although most homes will include a natural grass surface, new homeowners should consider an artificial grass installation. Artificial grass is the best surface for a newly-built home because of its many benefits that can elevate a property aesthetically and functionally.  

It’s Low-Maintenance, But Still Natural

Achieving optimal landscaping that balances practicality and aesthetics is a challenge every homeowner faces. While natural grass can make for a breathtaking sight, the maintenance and commitment needed to preserve its appearance can overwhelm many. However, low-maintenance surfaces like pavement lack the excitement and stunning visuals that natural grass can bring. 

Artificial grass is the best of both worlds because it demands little maintenance but still rivals real grass’s beauty and natural look. Its realism gives homeowners flexibility over their landscaping as they can seamlessly incorporate synthetic grass around gardens and any greenery. 

Artificial Grass is Cost-Effective

Purchasing and shaping a newly constructed home can be expensive and put a significant financial dent in the wallets of many homeowners. Any way to save money without detracting from the quality of a house will be immensely beneficial for those wanting to cut back on spending. That makes artificial grass the perfect surface for new homeowners, as it is cost-effective and can deliver much-needed financial relief. 

Synthetic turf is low maintenance and can maintain its appearance and performance without the expensive upkeep activities like regular watering, mowing and fertilizing needed with natural grass. This means homeowners can cut costs on lawn care and monthly bills, leading to considerable savings over time.  

Synthetic Grass Matches Your Home’s Stunning Look

Your newly-built home deserves a yard that looks just as good. The last thing you want is a yard that isn’t up to par with your home or doesn’t match its overall aesthetic, as it creates an unpleasant contrast that detracts from your property. 

Ensure that your outdoor space closely resembles your home through artificial grass installation. Synthetic grass’s beauty and versatility allow you to achieve aesthetic uniformity between your yard and home. 

The best investment you can make for your new home is an artificial grass installation. Get started on a project today by contacting Artificial Turf by Fenix. We’re synthetic grass industry leaders who can transform any outdoor space to your liking. Our world-class artificial grass installers have successfully overseen countless residential and commercial installation projects, delivering stunning results thanks to our exceptional synthetic grass products that we use for all of our services. For more information on our services or to receive a free estimate, give us a call today at (877) 673-8873 or reach out to us online to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members.