3 Perfect Spots to Install Synthetic Grass Putting Greens in Your Home

3 Perfect Spots to Install Synthetic Grass Putting Greens in Your Home

An artificial grass putting green is the perfect addition for any homeowner with a passion for golf. With an artificial turf putting green, you can practice your golf game at any time and as much as you want. Unlike with professional courses, there are no limits to playtime when you have a synthetic grass putting green right in your own home. 

Besides their entertainment factor, artificial grass putting greens are best known for their versatility. They can be implemented anywhere throughout a property to great effect, delivering hours of fun and enjoyment for the whole family. 

In the Backyard

There are few locations better for a synthetic grass putting green than a backyard. Part of what makes a backyard the ideal place for a putting green is that it can perfectly accommodate any design, regardless of size or layout. 

An artificial turf putting green can be the focal point of your yard or simply take up a small portion of it. You can shape your landscaping to complement your artificial grass putting green or create a design that aligns with your yard’s aesthetic. A backyard gives you plenty of options and decisions to consider. 

Backyard artificial grass putting greens also serve as the ideal setting for a birthday celebration or family bonding time. Golfing outdoors, especially in your backyard, will be enjoyable for all involved and make for a memorable experience, no matter the occasion.

On a Roof Deck

If you live in an urban setting with little or no yard space, utilizing your roof deck for an artificial grass putting green installation can fulfill several needs. 

Along with an artificial grass putting green that you can use all year long and having a great view while you golf, a roof deck putting green allows you to craft a more lively and colorful aesthetic for your home. 

Properties without expansive yards don’t have many opportunities to add color or greenery. By implementing a synthetic grass putting green on your roof deck, you are transforming your outdoor living space and making it much more visually attractive. 

On a Patio or Balcony

Golfers interested in a unique golfing experience can choose to install a synthetic grass putting green on their patio or balcony. Golfing on an elevated space like a patio or balcony will be unlike anything you’ve done before. 

Homeowners concerned about whether artificial grass can be installed on their patio or balcony don’t need to worry. Experienced installers like Artificial Turf by Fenix can implement synthetic grass on any patio or balcony, no matter what it looks like or the type of materials it uses. 

Enjoy the benefits of an at-home putting green by getting started on an artificial turf installation project today. Artificial Turf by Fenix specializes in various residential synthetic grass services and will be able to help you implement an artificial grass putting green that perfectly suits your home. You can expect exceptional installation quality for your putting green thanks to our industry-leading synthetic grass products and skilled professional installers who are the best in the business. For more information on our services or to receive a free estimate, give us a call today at (877) 673-8873 or reach out to us online to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members.