3 Reasons Synthetic Grass is Great for the Elderly

3 Reasons Synthetic Grass is Great for the Elderly

Every homeowner wants landscaping that is incredibly functional and looks visually stunning. However, obtaining such a lawn can be challenging, especially for those with natural grass surfaces. Natural grass requires extensive care and maintenance, amounting to countless hours of work and a significant financial commitment. While this can be daunting for any homeowner, it can be particularly tough for those who are older and lack the mobility to get around easily – that’s where artificial grass comes in.

Older age should never prevent you from having beautiful and well-functioning landscaping. Fortunately, alternative surfaces are available, like synthetic grass, that are much more convenient and friendly to elderly homeowners. Artificial grass features characteristics that make handling your landscaping a comfortable experience for older individuals.

Low Maintenance 

Part of what makes looking after natural grass so demanding is the number of labor-intensive maintenance activities required. Regular watering, mowing and fertilizing are all needed for natural grass surfaces and will leave homeowners feeling exhausted and drained. 

Regularly managing such a workload isn’t realistic for elderly homeowners, which is why low-maintenance surfaces like synthetic turf are preferable. Artificial grass is a clean surface that is easy to maintain and requires less commitment from homeowners to preserve its appearance and performance.

Artificial Grass is Smooth and Consistent 

Natural grass landscaping isn’t always perfect and can feature dips and unevenness throughout its surface, especially during colder periods of the year.  An uneven surface is dangerous and can lead to trips and falls, resulting in serious injury for older individuals.  

Artificial turf is much safer for elderly homeowners because it is a smooth, flat and consistent surface that remains that way all year long. Homeowners will never have to worry about mistakenly tripping over their surface as synthetic turf maintains its positioning and structure, no matter what the weather looks like. 

No Bacteria and Mold Presence in Synthetic Grass

Puddles and pools of water are a common sight for natural grass lawns due to their poor drainage. The consistent presence of stagnant water makes natural grass susceptible to bacteria and mold growth, endangering homeowners and potentially leading to severe health effects for those who are elderly.

Bacteria and mold are far less prevalent within artificial grass surfaces, thanks to synthetic turf’s efficient drainage, which prevents any long-term presence of stagnant water. Older homeowners can comfortably use their artificial turf without ever having to worry about any risk to their health. 

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