Artificial Turf for your Bocce Ball Entertainment

Artificial Turf for your Bocce Ball Entertainment

If you like to host events or parties in your backyard and are looking for a fun, unique game for your guests to play, then you should consider bocce ball! Bocce ball is one of the world’s oldest sports, and it’s a perfect game for everybody.

What is Bocce Ball?

Bocce ball is a simple game that has been around since the days of Ancient Rome. The game became very popular in Italy and is also known as Italian lawn bowling. Bocce ball can be played in teams or individually for people of all ages and skill levels.

Why Artificial Grass for Bocce Ball?

Bocce ball can be played on any leveled open area, and courts are usually made of natural grass, sand, or concrete. However, artificial turf is growing in popularity for bocce ball courts because of its durability, and ability to endure the foot traffic that occurs from the game. Unlike other court options, synthetic turf will remain level, clean, and won’t break after repeated use.

Artificial grass is also great for play because it minimizes the impact of the ball and allows it to roll well. A synthetic turf bocce ball court is long lasting and also features a drainage system to prevent flooding during the Sacramento rainy season, so you can play whenever you would like!

How to Play Bocce Ball?

There are multiple ways to play bocce ball; however, the objective is always the same: throw the bocce ball as close as possible to the pallino! A pallino is a small ball that a player throws to the other side of the court to initiate the game and the target for the entirety of the game.


Bocce ball is played in two teams and there can be up to 8 players. Each team gets their own color; there are 2 colors with 4 balls per color. Players need to choose and agree upon a foul line that they may not cross when throwing the bocce ball. Typically, if a court is smaller or walled, players will stand outside of the frame. A player throws the smallest ball, called the pallino, to the other side of the court to initiate the game.


Players determine which team will go first and the first player throws their bocce ball underhand and tries to get as close as they can to the pallino. The next team’s player will also throw their bocce ball underhand, trying to get closer to the pallino than the first player. Players continue to throw their bocce balls and alternate by team. The frame is complete when all the balls are thrown, and a point is awarded to the team with the bocce ball closest to the pallino.

Play continues by resetting the game and starting a new frame – scoring is the same as the first frame. The person who threw the ball closest to the pallino in the previous frame is the one who will go first in the next frame. The game is over when a team reaches 12 points.

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