How Does Artificial Grass Make Irrigation Systems a Thing of the Past?

How Does Artificial Grass Make Irrigation Systems a Thing of the Past?

For residential and commercial property owners in the Sacramento, CA, area, having a lush, green lawn is essential. However, maintenance and upkeep on natural grass lawns require time, money, and resource devotion that can be considered excessive and even tedious. Some property owners opt to install lawn irrigation systems to simplify this process – but in most cases, an immense amount of upkeep is still necessary to maintain a beautiful lawn. 

With state-of-the-art synthetic turf in Sacramento installed by Artificial Turf by Fenix, you can skip the trouble of installing an irrigation system and spending time on meticulous lawn maintenance. Read on to learn more about why you should skip out on installing a lawn irrigation system and opt for synthetic grass landscaping for your Sacramento, CA, green space.

Artificial Grass Conserves Water & Money

During the spring and summer months, residents and business owners in Sacramento spend hundreds of dollars each month on watering their lawns and installing built-in sprinkler systems to automate this process. Typically set on a timer, these irrigation systems run for a set interval to promote lush, healthy lawns. Despite this, these irrigation systems often end up having an overall negative impact financially and in terms of environmental sustainability. 

Property owners in Sacramento can significantly save on their lawn maintenance costs by installing synthetic turf landscaping. By eradicating the need for constant irrigation, you can cut down on your water bill and contribute to water conservation efforts while maintaining a beautifully kept synthetic grass outdoor space. 

No Need For Seasonal System Adjustments

As seasons and weather change, lawn irrigation systems usually need to be replaced or adjusted to best meet the present needs of natural grass landscaping. This process can include tasks such as alternating scheduling, changing the water volume or even completely shutting down the irrigation system for the time being. Not only can these modifications be pricey and time-consuming, but they can also damage pipes and gas lines in your infrastructure, thus requiring emergency maintenance. 

When you make the switch to artificial grass for your Sacramento property, your grass will not require any water, save from the occasional rinse. This saves you from having to deal with a complicated and arduous irrigation system. 

Make Rigid Scheduling A Thing of the Past

Lawn irrigation systems run on pre-set schedules and patterns, which may result in accidental overwatering and or underwatering of certain areas of the lawn. With artificial grass, this issue is nonexistent. On the contrary, synthetic grass thrives without sun, water, aeration, or fertilizers, making it easy to maintain at all times while keeping up a pristine appearance. 

It’s All About Landscaping Compatibility

Certain neighborhoods or properties may have terrain and landscaping irregularities that may not allow them to support standard irrigation systems. This means relying on tedious manual watering and mowing for your natural grass lawn. In sloped areas, the landscape can also increase wasted water, excess runoff, and even soil erosion – all factors that can unpleasantly impact the local ecosystem. Artificial grass is able to adapt to various terrain conditions, including surfaces other than dirt – enabling property owners to have complete creative control of how they want their landscaping to look. 

At Artificial Turf By Fenix, we have the skill and know-how to install the synthetic grass lawn of your dreams. We take a client-forward approach to all we do and take pride in installing the highest-quality synthetic grass landscaping in the Sacramento area. If you’re interested in setting up a consultation to discuss your project, call us at 877-673-8873 or fill out our contact form.