How Turf Bocce Ball Courts Enhance Your Outdoor Entertainment

How Turf Bocce Ball Courts Enhance Your Outdoor Entertainment

If you’re looking to amplify your outdoor space and create a fun area for guests to enjoy, turf bocce ball courts are the ideal landscaping solution. Whether you want to enjoy bonding time with your kids or encourage play on your restaurant patio, synthetic grass bocce ball courts allow you to make the most of your space and customize it to become a personal playground. If you’re considering a bocce ball court installation, keep in mind these key ways that artificial turf courts enhance your outdoor entertainment space.

More Consistent Play

When building a court for any game or sport, ensuring consistent playability is key. One of the significant advantages of a synthetic turf bocce ball court is the improved and reliable playability due to the surface’s synthetic nature.

Traditional bocce ball courts are typically made of natural grass or clay, which can often be uneven and require constant maintenance to keep them in good, playable condition. With synthetic grass, on the other hand, you can enjoy a uniform playing surface that never erodes, wrinkles, or shifts. Artificial grass ensures a smooth, reliable playing surface for accurate ball roll every time.

Minimal Maintenance

One of the ways in which artificial turf ensures a consistent playing surface is through its low-maintenance nature. Whereas natural grass grows and needs to be mowed regularly to remain at the right height for play, synthetic turf bocce ball courts always remain at the exact right height for the best ball roll — no mowing, edging, or other tedious maintenance required.

You also don’t need to water your bocce ball court to keep it even and green. A quick rinse with the hose every so often will help flush away dust and debris, but your turf bocce ball court will remain perfectly lush and evergreen without any irrigation system in place.

Enhanced Durability

Bocce ball courts need to stand up to a lot, so durability is important when searching for the right bocce ball court playing surface. Natural grass and clay courts are prone to wear and tear fairly easily, especially in high-traffic areas, which can lead to uneven playing surfaces and the need for frequent repairs.

Synthetic turf, on the other hand, is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and can last for years to come without showing signs of wear and tear. High-quality artificial grass is resistant to foot traffic, ball roll, and even sun exposure, so you can enjoy consistent, beautiful playing surfaces for years worry-free.

Efficient Drainage

In areas with heavy rainfall or frequent watering, drainage can be a major concern for bocce ball courts. Standing water on the playing surface can make it difficult, if not impossible, to play, and it can even damage the court over time. It can also cause problems with mud, requiring intensive cleanup or long periods of waiting before the court is ready to be used again.

By contrast, synthetic grass boasts an ultra-efficient drainage system that ensures your turf bocce ball court is always ready for play. Artificial turf’s permeable backing allows water to pass through at a rate of more than 30 inches per hour per square yard, so you never need to worry about flooding or puddles forming on the court.

Year-Round Visual Appeal

If you want to maintain or enhance the visual appeal of your backyard or commercial property, synthetic grass is the ideal choice for your bocce ball court. Natural grass courts require constant maintenance to keep them looking lush and green, which can be time-consuming and costly.

If you’re seeking year-round curb appeal with minimal time investment, artificial grass is the best choice thanks to its evergreen hues. Due to the synthetic polyethylene material, which is coated with UV inhibitors for added colorfastness, you can enjoy a stunning, vibrant green court without any extra effort. You can also customize your court with different colors or your company’s logo to add a personal touch and help your property stand out.

If you’re a Sacramento homeowner or business owner looking to make the most of your backyard with a bocce ball court, install synthetic grass landscaping today with the help of Artificial Turf by Fenix. Low-maintenance, cost-effective, and visually stunning, artificial grass landscaping will transform your property into the envy of the neighborhood. To find out more or to receive a free installation estimate, give us a call today at 877-673-8873 or contact us online.