How Well Does Artificial Turf Drain?

How Well Does Artificial Turf Drain?

When it comes to artificial turf installations in the greater Sacramento area, a concern many customers have is how well can synthetic grass drain? Will the typical Northern California rainy season cause flooding on the lawn? The answer is artificial turf drains very quickly, and it would take an abnormal amount of heavy rain for the lawn to flood.

The drainage rate of an artificial grass lawn is actually superior to that of a natural lawn. Natural grass tends to become muddy when wet, trapping water and making a huge mess. Synthetic turf, on the other hand, allows liquids to flow straight through the backing. The quick drainage allows the synthetic grass to be dry almost immediately while your natural lawn might stay damp and muddy for days!

The synthetic grass blades are attached to a backing perforated with holes. These holes are about a ½ centimeter in diameter and allows the lawn to drain at a rate of about 30 inches per hour per square yard! Additionally, the turf drainage system prevents spores and bacteria from building up within the artificial turf and allows for an easy cleanup.

With the approaching rainy season in Sacramento County, you can fight back against an overwatered and dead lawn with a synthetic grass lawn installation! Artificial Turf by Fenix proudly installs artificial grass and hardscapes in all cities across the county, including Rocklin, Fairfield, Lodi, Granite Bay, and Auburn. Give us a call today at (877) 673-8873 to get started on your quote!