How Your Commercial Business Will Save Time & Money With Synthetic Turf Installation

How Your Commercial Business Will Save Time & Money With Synthetic Turf Installation

Every business decision dramatically impacts an organization’s daily operations and long-term success. While it’s understandable to be concerned with revenue streams and funding, prioritizing the customer experience should be the cornerstone of any business strategy. A proven approach to enhancing customer experience is implementing synthetic turf as a critical feature in your business. 

Not only does artificial turf provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but it also offers significant cost savings in overhead expenses. Commercial synthetic turf, in particular, is an excellent option that provides multiple benefits to businesses seeking to optimize their operations. For those interested, we have compiled a list of additional ways artificial turf installation can save time and money for your commercial enterprise.

Dust and Debris Do Not Accumulate as Often or as Clearly on Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is a cost-effective solution for commercial business owners seeking to optimize their operations. Its ability to repel grime and dirt is just one feature that sets it apart from other materials. With synthetic grass, cleaning is a breeze – simply use a broom to remove debris from its surface with no mops required.

No More Excess Water with Synthetic Grass

Excess water is one of the main gripes that commercial business owners have with natural grass laws on their property. Stepping through puddles is the last thing your customers want to do when trying to enter your building. The most practical solution to this problem is synthetic grass. With its advanced design, artificial turf features an absorbent surface that allows water to drain quickly, leaving your artificial turf lawns to dry faster. This aspect creates a more sustainable lawn that won’t die out with excessive water. 

Less Maintenance for Commercial Business Owners

The low maintenance requirements of artificial grass lawns are one of the most attractive features for commercial business owners to capitalize on. If you’re tired of spending significant amounts of money on landscaping services and chemical applications to maintain a green lawn, synthetic turf may be the solution you’ve been seeking. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf maintains a lush, green appearance throughout the year without the need for mowing, watering or applying harmful pesticides and chemicals.

Artificial Turf Keeps Bacteria and Contaminants at Bay

Bacteria can be a serious concern for businesses, as it can lurk on surfaces and put customers at risk of illness. Although invisible to the naked eye, the effects of bacteria can be felt tangibly. Artificial grass provides a practical solution to reduce the risk of bacterial transmission. By installing synthetic turf, business owners can minimize the risk of bacterial contamination and provide a safer environment for their customers. 

Say Goodbye to Mold Growth on Durable Artificial Grass Lawns

Artificial grass is less susceptible to mold growth due to its non-porous composition, which provides no organic material for mold to attach to. Since mold requires moisture to thrive, synthetic turf provides an inhospitable environment for its development. By installing artificial grass, businesses can improve their employees’ and customers’ safety and overall health, as mold growth will be less common. This significantly reduces the risk of health complications and minimizes the need for costly mold remediation.

At Artificial Turf By Fenix, we have a proven track record of helping numerous commercial businesses succeed by strategically implementing our commercial artificial grass installation services. Our focus on delivering cost-saving solutions has enabled our clients to attract new customers and improve their bottom line. With our remarkable dedication to every project that comes through our doors, we never take for granted the time it takes to complete your project. We will do everything possible to ensure our commercial clients are satisfied with the final result. If you’re interested in incorporating synthetic turf into your business in a meaningful way, we invite you to contact us today at 877-673-8873 or through our online contact form.