Pet Turf Products for Your Artificial Grass Installation

Pet Turf Products for Your Artificial Grass Installation

If you’re looking for a safe, low maintenance, and durable landscape alternative, look no further than synthetic grass! At Artificial Turf by Fenix, we supply our Sacramento pet owners with the highest quality pet turf in Northern California. All of our pet system products are non-toxic, lead-free, and 100% pet-friendly! Installing an artificial lawn is ideal for preventing digging, muddy paws, lawn stains, and discoloration, as well as making sure your pet is satisfied with the soft surface to play on. Providing your furry friends with a beautiful and fun landscape has never been easier. Here are some of the best pet turf products for your Sacramento artificial grass installation!

TigerTurf Pet Turf & Everlast Pet Turf

Our American made TigerTurf Pet Turf features a 1” pile height and vibrant field and lime green color combinations that blend in beautifully with any surrounding environment. TigerTurf Pet Turf is ideal for your four-legged friends – no more muddy paws, insects, brown patches or holes! With a 60-ounce face weight, your new pet turf lawn can handle moderate to heavy foot traffic so your pup can play all day and night!

Our Everlast Pet showcases dual field and olive green color combinations paired with a brown thatch for added realism. Pets can run, jump, and play on this turf all day to their heart’s content! Everlast Pet features a 1” pile height and a 60-ounce face weight, creating a highly durable artificial grass surface for your furry friends to play and run freely on.

Both of our Pet Turf products feature a perforated backing that is capable of draining 30+ inches of liquid/rain per hour per square yard! They’re also backed by a 15-year warranty, guaranteeing that your new artificial grass pet turf will last for years to come!

Turf Fresh

Turf Fresh is a biodegradable organic spray that eliminates the odor of pet urine. This active-bacteria formula leaves your Sacramento synthetic grass pet turf sanitary and smelling clean and fresh – no more lingering odors in your artificial grass lawn! Turf Fresh is 100% non-toxic and pet-friendly.


This non-toxic, biodegradable infill traps and neutralizes ammonia-based odors by direct contact or from the air. Zeofill’s odor controlling negatively charged properties is the ideal supplemental infill for any pet turf installation. It is most effective when distributed under the synthetic turf backing as well as mixed into the fibers of the turf.