4 Reasons Artificial Grass Makes a Great Holiday Gift

4 Reasons Artificial Grass Makes a Great Holiday Gift

The holiday season has arrived in the Sacramento Valley, meaning it’s time to find that perfect gift. Look no further than artificial turf installation for Sacramento homeowners, the definition of a gift that keeps on giving!

Synthetic grass is more than a cost-effective landscaping option. It’s a fun landscaping alternative with something for everyone, whether you’re a new family or want to spoil your favorite furry friend.

Read on to learn why artificial grass is the perfect gift this holiday season.

A Great Gift for Pets

What better way to say happy holidays than by creating the perfect front yard oasis for your dog? Pet turf is specially designed to offer a freshly grown feel and appearance that your dog will love, with a durable design that’ll save you money.

Artificial pet turf features efficient drainage systems that make quick work of pet messes and prevent muddy paws by reducing water buildup. Synthetic grass for dogs is constructed with a durable design that holds fibers in place, no matter how hard they dig.

Our pet-friendly turf is 100 percent non-toxic with antimicrobial infill, providing a safe place for your pets to run and play. It’s the perfect gift for your pup this season!

Enjoy Festive Putting

A backyard putting green is the perfect gift for the golf lovers in your family. Surprise visiting family members with a fast and easy artificial turf installation, so your custom putting green will be ready for the celebrations.

Improve your short game with PGA-rated artificial grass putting greens catered to your skill level. Not only will you be giving someone the gift of play, but you will also save them money with low-maintenance synthetic turf.

Create a custom backyard putting green by choosing the contours, breaks and hole positions. This flexibility makes turf putting greens accessible to yards of all shapes and sizes.

A Treat for New and Growing Families

Gifting synthetic turf installation to a new family is a phenomenal way to help them elevate their growing home. You’ll save them time and money with professional turf installers who quickly integrate their new turf.

Artificial grass is low-maintenance, meaning they’ll save money and time on pesticides, fertilizers, weeding and daily watering. They’ll enjoy a pristine, freshly-grown look with none of the hassle from natural grass.

Kid-friendly turf is perfect for creating a safe playground for your little ones to romp around. It is non-toxic and lead-free, with special synthetic grass that eliminates the risk of microplastics. A high-quality artificial turf product is a gift your family will enjoy as they grow, year after year.

The Perfect Backyard Playground

The new year brings with it new beginners. Embrace this opportunity for change by installing a synthetic turf backyard to transform your home satisfaction. It’s a cost-effective way to elevate curb appeal while opening up new design possibilities.

Artificial grass offers dynamic landscaping options for your home, including putting greens, sports turf, pet turf and kid-friendly playground turf. It can be installed as a “naturalist” complement to pools, decks, balconies and rooftops.

Set yourself up for an exciting 2024 by creating the perfect home landscape this holiday season with synthetic turf.

Looking for Premium Artificial Turf Installation?

Invest in premium artificial grass installed by friendly professionals with Artificial Turf by Fenix. Our team of professional turf installers provides expert service in the Sacramento area, helping its residents elevate their homes.

Call Artificial Turf by Fenix this holiday season for synthetic grass installation that lasts with a 15-year manufacturer warranty and high-quality materials. Contact us by phone at 877-673-8873 or via our online form to secure the perfect gift.