Here’s Why You Should Install Your Artificial Turf in the Fall

Here’s Why You Should Install Your Artificial Turf in the Fall

Synthetic turf is an obvious choice in the warmer months. Summertime activities and green lawns go hand in hand, but artificial grass has just as many benefits in the fall.

The perks of artificial turf are best seen during the colder months, which typically damage natural grass. Your synthetic lawn will take the worst that snow, rain, ice and wind can offer with little to no damage.

Fake grass is engineered to suit your land size and interests, with various options including backyard putting greens, pet-friendly turf and an artificial grass front yard. You can design the perfect landscape to suit your autumn activities.

Read on to learn why searching for artificial lawn installers is the key to fall preparations.

Effortlessly Maintain Your Lawn

A significant hassle with natural grass is the damage it takes during the cooler fall months. Morning frosts sap grass of its alluring green color, leading to an unappealing yellow tint. With synthetic turf, your lawn remains vibrant and evergreen year-round. 

Not only will your property look nicer, but you’ll spend less time maintaining it. You can make the most of the fall festivities with all that extra time!

Get the most out of these low-maintenance benefits by installing artificial turf for the fall. It’s especially beneficial if you live in places heavily affected by the seasons.  

Winter-Compatible Landscaping

Winterization is a regular aspect of maintaining natural grass lawns. This tedious and expensive process is required to protect all the work you’ve done during the summer to spruce up your yard so it’s the envy of the neighborhood.

Reduce the cost and work required while keeping that enviable appearance with synthetic turf for your home. Your fake grass will shine bright green long after the last snows have melted, with minimal maintenance required.

Winterization requires aeration, irrigation systems, and more expensive steps to protect it from the chill. Save money on these resources by installing artificial turf instead.

Make the Most of Good Weather

Winter may be on the horizon for places like Sacramento and Rocklin, but there’s still time to enjoy your lawn before the snow. Installing synthetic grass extends this time by reducing maintenance requirements.

Fall is the time most natural grass owners are spending time and money on winterization. Instead, you can spend this time lounging with your family in the cool air. Artificial grass is designed to suit your needs, whether it’s pet-friendly turf or even a backyard putting green.

Enjoy your yard while the weather’s still warm, and leave the hassle to those with natural lawns. Artificial Turf by Fenix offers diverse turf products for your needs this fall season.  

Fast and Convenient Synthetic Turf Installation

Fall is the perfect time to install artificial grass for your home. You’ll get ahead of the winter months, create more time to enjoy the outdoors and reduce maintenance costs. 

Artificial Turf by Fenix has your desired expertise if you’re ready to transform your fall landscape. We offer high-quality turf and efficient installation at friendly prices. Contact us at 877-673-8873 or online to elevate your Sacramento lawn.