Is Artificial Grass a Wise Investment for Your Home?

Is Artificial Grass a Wise Investment for Your Home?

When seeking ways to improve your home’s property value, look no further than your lawn. In comparison, synthetic turf may seem more expensive, but natural grass will cost you thousands over time; it deteriorates quicker, too.

Artificial grass cost varies based on location, say between Sacramento and a less-populous city, but all can enjoy its benefits. Far from looking pristine, synthetic turf can lower maintenance costs while providing unique opportunities for yard design.

Read on to see why searching for artificial lawn installers is the best way to boost property value and home satisfaction.

When Will I See a Return on My Artificial Grass Investment?

Synthetic grass may take a while to return on your investment, but various factors can reduce the wait time. Three factors affect the initial cost of your turf: size of land, quality of turf and installation location.

Savings will be most significant in warmer states, where water usage is higher. Artificial turf greatly impacts your water bills, with significantly reduced water requirements. Places with frequent rain and a reduced need for watering will take longer to see a return on investment.

Typically, artificial grass takes two years to make up for your investment. Considering it lasts up to 15 years, this is an impactful investment wherever you live. Consider also the money and time saved on seeding, fertilizer and re-sodding.  

What Are the Benefits of an Artificial Grass Investment?

The benefits of synthetic grass go well beyond your wallet. Your home will have a picture-perfect look year-round, no matter the weather. Say goodbye to dead lawns in winter or frequent heat waves, as seen in places like Sacramento & Rocklin.

Artificial turf provides unique opportunities for landscaping. Install a backyard putting green in your backyard with no maintenance headaches like frequent mowing. Save time on general mowing and spend more of it with your family.

Installing artificial grass on your property will increase its value, too. When you think about selling, you’ll be grateful you installed a synthetic lawn. But let’s look deeper at these benefits to understand your impending ROI better. 

Monthly Cost vs. Monthly Savings

Over time, artificial grass saves money on water costs. There’s no need to use sprinklers or a hose to water your fake grass, which impacts the environment as much as it lowers your bills. You’ll enjoy the benefit of doing your part to protect the planet.

Save money on costly-maintenance equipment such as lawnmowers, gas, weed whackers, pesticides, winterizing, etc. This maintenance uses up much of your time unless you want to pay for costly services from a third party.

Contacting an expert for synthetic turf installation can save money and time on monthly lawn care. Spend your savings on family, travel or a long-neglected hobby. 

Property Value with Artificial Grass

An artificial grass front yard creates a striking appearance, boosting curb appeal. It will never lose its vibrant, evergreen appearance, offering another incentive to buyers.

Buyers will be more willing to pay a higher sale price in exchange for reduced monthly costs. Pet-friendly turf is especially appealing to buyers with furry friends. 

As you know, interior design increases your property value. It’s the same with landscape improvements. Artificial turf is one of the fastest and most efficient methods for increasing the value of your home.

Is Synthetic Turf Worth It?

The benefits of installing artificial turf for your home are reduced costs, time, and improved property value. Your family and pets will enjoy it just as much as natural grass while you enjoy the satisfaction of having made a sound investment.

Artificial Turf by Fenix provides several options for homeowners investing in synthetic turf. We even offer flexible financing options to help make your synthetic grass installation that much more effortless. If you want to improve your property, contact us today for a quote on artificial grass installation. Contact us at 877-673-8873 or through our online form today.