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How Does Artificial Grass Make Irrigation Systems a Thing of the Past?

For residential and commercial property owners in the Sacramento, CA, area, having a lush, green lawn is essential. However, maintenance and upkeep on natural grass lawns require time, money, and resource devotion that can be considered excessive and even tedious. Some property owners opt to install lawn irrigation systems to simplify this process – but […]

Which Commercial Properties Benefit Most From Artificial Grass?

Artificial turf’s remarkable adaptability and versatility make it the perfect material for a diverse range of commercial settings. In each of these applications, unique advantages emerge, highlighting the best qualities of synthetic grass, such as its realistic look, permeable surface, fade-resistant material and low maintenance capabilities. But which commercial properties is it best suited for?  […]

How Artificial Turf Can Ease Your Springtime Stress

After a long winter, most of us look forward to putting aside the winter blues and embracing the spring season’s opportunities. However, several necessary household tasks can be less than desirable, particularly when maintaining a natural grass lawn. With the arrival of spring’s abundant rains, overwatering can lead to grass deterioration and death, leading to […]

How Your Commercial Business Will Save Time & Money With Synthetic Turf Installation

Every business decision dramatically impacts an organization’s daily operations and long-term success. While it’s understandable to be concerned with revenue streams and funding, prioritizing the customer experience should be the cornerstone of any business strategy. A proven approach to enhancing customer experience is implementing synthetic turf as a critical feature in your business.  Not only […]

3 Reasons Artificial Grass Is the Best Choice for Families of All Sizes

Artificial grass lawns offer many benefits that cater to everyone’s needs. They are a low-maintenance, cost-effective investment equipped with the latest UV-protected technology to ensure long-lasting synthetic turf. Homeowners can enjoy the convenience of having a perfect lawn without needing constant upkeep, freeing up their time to enjoy precious family moments. Moreover, artificial grass can […]

How Does Synthetic Grass Help with Spring Showers?

As the days become longer and warmer, the familiar sound of spring showers is undoubtedly not far behind. While many people look forward to the wet weather as a sign that nature is renewing itself, Sacramento, CA, homeowners often dread its arrival because of mud, puddles in lawns or even waterlogged soil. But the good […]

3 Significant Ways Artificial Grass Is a Moneymaker for Landlords

Being a landlord can consist of many intersecting factors that make taking care of their properties a very time-consuming affair. One responsibility that should not go unnoticed is renovating existing property for future moneymaking prospects. At Artificial Turf By Fenix, we deliver a 100 percent guaranteed promise to increase the value of your property by […]